Outhouse races, anyone? Regina families take in Waskimo Winter Festival

The cold weather didn't keep people from enjoying the outdoors Monday at the second annual Waskimo Winter Festival in Regina.

Event battled unco-operative weather

A child sledding on Wascana Lake during the Waskimo Winter Festival on Monday. (CBC News)

The cold weather didn't keep people from enjoying the outdoors at the second annual Waskimo Winter Festival in Regina.

The Family Day crowd was treated on Monday to a variety of activities, including sleigh rides, snow cricket, outhouse races and skiing.
A child bundled up at the Waskimo Winter Festival in Regina. (CBC News)

Mike Edmonds, a member of the Regina Cycle Club, won the "fat bike race" and was awarded a fun trophy.

"The fat bike makes it easier because you won't slide out on snow at all," he said. "The challenge, I guess, is that it's a lot slower so you have to peddle a lot more to get going the same speed as a road bike."
Mike Edmonds proudly displaying his fat bike trophy. (CBC News)
Inside events at the Conexus Art Centre included a children's carnival, music, magic and comedy shows, and a performance by Sask Express.
A "fat bike" being driven across the snow. (CBC News)

There were some hiccups in the planning stages of the event, mind you.

Organizer Jim Aho said they aimed to have the Saskatchewan Sled Dog Races, which have not been held on Wascana Lake for 30 years, incorporated into the festival. Unfortunately, the weather didn't co-operate.
A child enjoying hot chocolate at the Waskimo Winter Festival. (CBC News)

"Dogs can't run on glare ice and if you were to go out onto the middle of the lake where the dogs would've been racing out on the creek, there's really no snow cover at all. [It's] too dangerous for the dogs," he said. 

"So everybody agreed last weekend, we'll just postpone until next year, and hopefully mother nature co-operates for us then."
The Regina Police Service participating in the outhouse races on the Wascana Lake ice in their "popo potty." (CBC News)
The Regina Ski Club also had to move the ski trials from the usual spot on the ice of Wascana Lake to the park around the Saskatchewan Science Centre due to lack of snow.
A team racing in an outhouse shaped like cheese. (CBC News)

Aho said the festival will run again next year thanks to its popularity.  

"We want to make this one of the best winter festivals in Canada and I think we're well on our way to doing that," he said. "This is an annual event, there's no question about that. The community has just supported us in such major ways."
Regina families spending their day off at Wascana Park. (CBC News)