Occupy Regina protesters staying put

Occupy Regina protesters say they are not going anywhere, and tried to get a meeting with Mayor Pat Fiacco to discuss their 'eviction' from Victoria Park.

24 tents still in Victoria Park Wednesday morning

Members of the Occupy Regina movement protesting at City Hall on Wednesday. (Jordan Jackle/CBC)

Occupy Regina protesters say they are not going anywhere, despite being asked to leave by the city.

Members of the group appeared at a city council meeting Tuesday night, objecting to a possible eviction from Victoria Park.

The city removed a portable toilet which had been donated to the group, citing public health concerns.

Members of the group rallied at City Hall Wednesday, where they asked the city to apologize for removing the toilet.

They also wanted electrical power restored and affirmation of their right to peacefully protest

Some went inside City Hall to demand a meeting with Mayor Pat Fiacco but were told to schedule an appointment.

They left City Hall around 4:30 p.m. CST, after the building closed.

People from the Occupy Regina camp took their concerns to city hall Wednesday. (Sara-Christine Gemson/CBC )
A few dozen protesters have been camping in the northeast corner of Regina's Victoria Park since Oct. 15.

"The camp here is definitely planning to stick it out," said Shannon Corkery, who has been staying at the Occupy Regina site since Oct 17. "We want the city to allow us to exercise our constitutional rights for freedom of speech."

The group is part of an international protest movement aimed at raising concerns about economic injustice and the growing gap between rich and poor.

Earlier this week, Regina bylaw officials visited the camp where some 24 tents remain, and asked people to leave.

In a news release, officials said Wednesday they still plan to have the park cleared.

"The City of Regina continues to monitor the Occupy Regina protest in Victoria Park and is considering options to resolve a non-allowed use of the park while respecting the rights of protesters to assemble," the release said. "Removing tents in no way prohibits protesters from gathering daily, but does ensure that no harm will come from exposure to frigid overnight temperatures. The City of Regina is considering its enforcement options."