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Ntawnis Piapot is Nehiyaw Iskwew from Piapot Cree Nation. She has a journalism degree from the University of Regina, and is a graduate from the INCA Media and Intercultural Leadership Program from the First Nations University. Ntawnis has been a reporter for CBC Saskatchewan, APTN National News, CTV Regina, VICE News, J-Source and Eagle Feather News. Email: ntawnis.piapot@cbc.ca

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Kokums embrace hip hop by creating their own Cree rap video

Four kokums created a rap song and music video with Metis/Dene artist Zoey Roy during Roy's artist-in-residency at the University of Saskatchewan Galleries. The kokums wrote their own lyrics and sang the chorus in Cree.

'Create that spark': Software testing program seeks to increase Indigenous people in IT sector

Saskatchewan has a new six-month software testing program that aims to bring more Indigenous people into the IT industry. There are 14 students enrolled in the Professional Aboriginal Testing Organization (PLATO) program in Regina.

U of S archeology grad thinks more Indigenous people in the field can help ease tensions

Lillanohna Naytowhowcon is one of the only Indigenous grads this year from the University of Saskatchewan’s archeology program. She says more Indigenous-specific education is needed to build trust between Indigenous people and the field.

Connecting to culture, leaning on kinship key to how these Indigenous fathers are breaking traumatic cycles

Healing from childhoods wracked with absentee or alcoholic fathers — and the effects of residential schools — two Indigenous fathers say they're trying to establish a new normal, despite the obstacles they face.

Deaf, two-spirited Indigenous painter in Regina uses art to overcome challenges

Torrie Ironstar says he was born to do art. As a child he painted, sculpted and worked with mixed media. Being a deaf, two-spirited artist on the Prairies has thrown him many hurdles in his young life, but his art has given him an outlet to overcome.

'How do you not see your people in these Indigenous youth?': Couple working to decolonize classrooms

Erin Goodpipe and Ben Ironstand are a young Indigenous couple who are both educators in the Regina Public School system. They both come from difficult backgrounds and have strong cultural knowledge - but transferring that knowledge to their classrooms is not always easy.

Book about Gerald Stanley case upsets Colten Boushie's family due to lack of consultation

When Jade Tootoosis came across a new book about her cousin's death, she says she felt insulted that her family was not properly consulted.

Indigenous rapper challenges men to 'step up' for the women in their lives

Jeremiah Manitopiyas, a.k.a. Drezus, and his partner are an Indigenous couple trying to break inter-generational cycles of alcoholism and absentee parents for the sake of themselves and their baby son.

Women call for more female powwow emcees

Indigenous women weigh in on why there needs to be more female powwow emcees, and how comments from men in the role can sometimes cross the line.

'I played the tanned white girl role,' says Métis woman who took years to acknowledge, embrace her heritage

Jenna Tickell didn't embrace or disclose her Métis heritage with anyone until she took a class on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Then she knew she had to come clean and be proud of her roots.

'You can't be Native; you're too pretty': Indigenous women speak out against pressure to fit beauty standards

Indigenous women discuss how beauty standards and stereotypes affect the way they are treated.

'We are not just black and white pictures of the past': #KokumScarfCampaign empowers, educates

The word "kokum," Cree for grandmother, has different associations for different Indigenous women. An ongoing social media movement, the #KokumScarfCampaign, asked some of them to share their thoughts.

'We're sounding like one': Poet uses hip hop for cultural connection in Indigenous classroom

A spoken word poet is helping Indigenous students write their own songs and rap them to a hip hop beat. She says doing so helps them tell their stories and build confidence.

'They'll know my stories just by looking at my face': Indigenous body painting a way of reclaiming culture

Indigenous body painting is not a new custom. A workshop in Regina explored the history of indigenous body painting and introduced how to do body painting in a contemporary way.

How much culture to share can be a sensitive topic when it comes to Indigenous tourism

How much culture should Indigenous communities share and how much should they keep for themselves?