Lowe's Canada closing 34 stores including north Regina location

In Regina, the Northgate Mall Lowe's is set to close as part of a company wide shuttering. The company says 34 stores across Canada were under performing.

The Northgate Lowe's location is closing but the south Regina location will remain open

Lowe's Canada says the 34 stores that are set to close were underperforming, including a north Regina location. (Alan Diaz/Associated Press)

Lowe's Canada announced the closure of 34 stores across Canada, including one in north Regina.

The Lowe's in the Northgate Mall is set to close Feb. 19, 2020 according to the company. In a release, Lowe's Canada — which also owns RONA — said the 34 stores slated to close were under performing.

In Regina, the Grassland Lowe's location will remain open, which could become a home for some of the employees at the north location. The company said that some eligible employees will be able to transfer to nearby locations when their store closes. 

According to the release Lowe's 2018 fiscal year saw sales of $71.3 billion.