Regina firefighter falls through floor while battling flames in North Central Tuesday

The acting deputy chief said the firefighter was not injured in the event on February 18.

Acting deputy chief said the firefighter was not injured in the event

Queen City Patrol, a community group, saw the fire and took a video of the flames. (Queen City Patrol/Facebook)

A fire on the 1300 block of Rae Street led to a firefighter falling through a floor. 

The fire was called in at about 8:00 p.m. on February 18, in Regina's North Central neighbourhood. Fire crews arrived after about three minutes and found heavy fire and smoke. 

They started searching and found no people and pets, and were able to bring the fire under control but not before a firefighter fell through the second floor onto the first. 

"They were up there working and the floor gave away," Gord Hewitt, acting deputy chief of Regina fire, said. "Luckily somehow he managed to just, he slid down the wall." 

"He just apparently was on the second floor and then the next thing you know, he was standing on the first floor so he landed on his feet," he said. 

Hewitt said the man was not injured. The firefighters left the building and sprayed more water until they determined it was safe to enter again. The man was one of about 17 firefighters at the scene. 

Queen City Patrol — a community group run by Patty Will and Wade LeCaine — was one of the first on scene when the fire started. The group live streamed a short warning video on their Facebook Page. 

Hewitt said there was no damage to the homes on either side of the fire and the fire is under investigation. At this time, he said they're working to determine if the home was occupied or unoccupied. 

An inspector was on scene yesterday evening and is expected to be returning today. 

With files from Heidi Atter and Ted Deller