No girls at jamboree parking lot, camper complains

Some early campers who arrived for the Craven Country Jamboree are finding a lot of asphalt so far — but no "girls".
Only eight campers were parked at the Evraz Place parking lot Monday morning, but more early jamboree-goers were expected later in the day. (Drew Fossum/CBC)

Some campers who arrived early for the Craven Country Jamboree say they're finding a lot of asphalt so far — but sadly no "girls".

Raymond Althouse, 19, traveled from Rosetown for his first Craven fest, only to find out he has to camp at the Evraz Place parking lot in Regina until Wednesday.

That's because the ground at the Craven site is too soggy for campers right now. The area saw a downpour of rain on Saturday morning.

The annual country music festival begins Thursday, but campers typically start showing up well before the first act takes the stage.

The event, the biggest annual festival in Saskatchewan, attracts a variety of campers — families, hard-core country fans and young people looking to party.

Althouse wasn't pleased to be starting his camping experience on the asphalt next to some rail lines.

He said his buddies had told him what to expect at Craven, but he's not seeing that yet.

"No, I envisioned a lot of people with lots of girls around — but not that yet!" he said. "Not till Wednesday now."

On Monday morning, all was quiet at the Evraz lot west of the downtown.

Only eight campers and three vehicles were on the site, but more campers are expected today.