It's like a 'major league' venue: Test run of new Mosaic Stadium wins praise

Regina's new $278-million football stadium held its first significant event - a test run with a 50 per cent capacity crowd - Saturday when it hosted a university football game with 16,500 in the lower stands.

Positive reactions to Regina's new stadium

A Rams-Huskies game provided a test-run event for Regina's new football stadium. 1:15

Regina's new $278-million football stadium held its first significant event — a test run with a 50 per cent capacity crowd — Saturday when it hosted a university football game with 16,500 in the lower stands.

Many people in the crowd shared positive impression on social media accounts.

The stadium "has the feel of a major league sports stadium," said one on Twitter.

"What a blast," enthused another.

The lower bowl of seating at the new Mosaic Stadium was filled with 16,500 curious football fans, keen to be inside the facility for its first significant event - a university football game. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)
"It's absolutely amazing," Kelly Oliver, a long-time Roughriders fan at the game, said. "We sat on hemorrhoid hill when I was a little kid, in the old Mosaic. So, to be here in this place — I never thought that would happen."

Oliver's father, Mike Patterson, was also impressed.

"Spectacular," Patterson said. A season-ticket holder, Patterson said he has checked out the location for his seats for when the Roughriders begin play in 2017. "This is beautiful. I'm happy with this."

Another football fan, Roman Korpus, said everyone he encountered has a smile on their face.

"It's pretty impressive," he said. "Everyone's having a good time from what I can see."

Kelly Oliver and her father Mike Patterson are very impressed with the new Mosaic Stadium. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

1st touchdown scored by Regina Rams

While many people in the stadium were clearly fascinated by the building, there was also a football game on the field, where the University of Regina Rams faced off against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

For those interested in sports trivia, a future question about the first-ever touchdown at the stadium was answered when Rams quarterback Noah Picton made a successful pass to Ryan Schienbein.

"Pretty crazy," Schienbein said, in a post-catch sideline interview with the television crew covering the game. "Right now it's just another touchdown, but a couple of years from now it'll be special."

Another footnote for history will be the fact that the Rams won the game, with a final score of 37-29 over the Huskies.

No line ups. People at the test run for the new stadium noted quick access to such amenities as the washrooms. Attendance for the event was 50 per cent of capacity. (Dean Gutheil/CBC)

While the play on the field met expectations, questions lingered about the how Evraz Place managed crowd control and parking for the event. There was no on-site parking provided Saturday and people were encouraged to use a free shuttle bus service.

Long lines of cars into the exhibition grounds were noted Saturday, as the site was also hosting a number of other events in other buildings.

A view of the facility, under construction, about one year ago. Dirt was still be moved out of the new Mosaic Stadium in November 2015 to prepare for the below-grade playing field. (CBC)


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