New Perdue, Sask. arena hosts first hockey game 3 years after old rink destroyed by fire

It was an emotional weekend in Perdue, Sask., as the puck dropped in a new arena three years after the town's previous facility burned down.

Hockey game held during Perdue's annual Hockey Day event

The new arena held its first hockey game on Saturday, three years after the old rink burned down. (Submitted by Michael Gray)

It was an emotional weekend in Perdue, Sask., as the puck dropped in a new arena.

The town's previous rink burned down three years ago and the community hadn't hosted an official hockey game since.

The new venue hosted its first hockey game during the village's annual Hockey Day Saturday.

"It was really emotional for everybody and it was an incredibly exciting weekend," Michael Gray, co-chair of the Perdue Arena Rebuild, told CBC Radio's The Morning Edition.

"We haven't seen the local kids on our own ice for a long time."

The arena was mostly built by volunteers while the town raised money through fundraisers and donations. (Submitted by Michael Gray)

Gray said the village of about 375 people was shattered when the old arena burned down.

"It's devastating. You don't ever think that you're going to be able to rebuild it," said Gray.

The community banded together to get its sticks back on the ice.

"There was really no doubt that we had the will to do it," said Gray.

The previous arena in Perdue, Sask. burned down three years ago. (Submitted by Michael Gray)

After pulling together enough money through donations, fundraisers and insurance, Perdue is now home to what Gray calls, "a beautiful, small town arena," built most by volunteers.

"Building it brought a lot of people back together that maybe didn't spend as much time as they used to together," he said.

"It means a lot. It's a great visiting place for everyone to get together."

Gray said people from around the province made the trip to Perdue to see the new arena.

"It was like a homecoming for a lot of people," he said. "It was great."

Perdue is located about 65 kilometres west of Saskatoon.

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