NDP's wolf-in-sheep's-clothing claim draws howls

An NDP campaign-style brochure that portrays the Saskatchewan Party as a wolf in sheep's clothing is a 'pack of lies,' says the Opposition leader.

Government getting desperate as election nears, says Saskatchewan Party boss

An NDP campaign-style brochure that portraysthe Saskatchewan Partyas a wolf in sheep's clothing is a "pack of lies,"says the Opposition leader.

The brochure says theSaskatchewan Partyis concealing a hidden agenda behind a friendly image and accuses the party of wanting tosell Crown corporations and privatize health care. It also calls leader Brad Wall's party inexperienced, reckless and too cosy with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It's the clearest indication yet an election is imminent, said Wall.

"I think Saskatchewan people need a heads-up that this is coming and they need to know it's a pack of lies," he said.

Wall said that far from planning to privatize Crown utilities like SaskPower and SaskEnergy, his party voted in favour of legislation that forbids the government from selling Crown corporations. And he said the party's plan is to expand public health care, not move toward private care.

It's also a clear indication of how the NDP intends to operate, he said.

"People in this province that know the election is coming are bracing themselves for the scare tactics of a desperate old NDP government," he said. "And this is evidence of it."

Wall mocked the artwork on the brochure, which features a lamb with a wolf's face superimposed on it.

'The truth is that the wolf actually did eat Grandma at the end of the day.'—NDP MLAClay Serby

"I guess it's supposed to be a wolf in sheep's clothing but it really looks like a big friendly dog," he said.

Asked about the brochure, veteran NDP MLA Clay Serby wasn't sheepish. He saidit raises concerns that Saskatchewan people need to consider.

"The truth is that the wolf actually did eat Grandma at the end of the day," he said. "That means that the Saskatchewan Party is a real danger."

Premier Lorne Calvert said earlier this year he was expecting to holdan electionthis fall. The last general provincial election was in 2003.