NASA scientist speaks to Regina students

NASA scientist, William McKinnon, spoke with students at O'Neill High School in Regina about space exploration and career opportunities.

Students attended a presentation by NASA at O'Neill High School in Regina

NASA scientist William McKinnon spoke with students at O'Neill High School about space exploration and career opportunities (CBC )

Students in Regina were treated to a presentation on Thursday put on by NASA and the Regina Catholic School Board.

NASA scientist William McKinnon spoke with Grade 6 and 9 students at O'Neill High School about space exploration and career opportunities.

Students were also taught about NASA's latest project, the New Horizons mission, where Pluto and its moons are being explored in depth. 

Grade 9 student Aemen Mohsin said the presentation inspired her to continue exploring career possibilities in science.

"Being around so many people my age is encouraging me to do a lot better and, watching the presentation, it's really helped me," she said. 

Aemen Mohsin is a grade nine student at the Regina Huda School. (CBC )

Mohsin said the presentation helped her understand the surface of Pluto and how the planet was first explored. 

"I really liked how it described the different colours and how that relates to different gases, such as methane gas," she said. 

Out-of-classroom learning

Mark Wernikowski, the science consultant at the Regina Catholic School Board, said the purpose of this kind of out-of-classroom learning is to inspire students to ask more questions and get involved. 

"[It helps students] look at the world around them in a different way and once that is captured, that's when we really develop that lifelong learning," said Wernikowski. "That's really our goal."

He said he hopes that sparking an interest in students at an early age will encourage them to explore the world they live in and become active learners.