Mother of slain Saskatoon man demands justice

The mother of a Saskatoon homicide victim came to court Wednesday calling for justice for her son.

The mother of a Saskatoon homicide victim came to court Wednesday calling for justice for her son.

Grace George arrived at the courthouse with a poster of Macdonald George, 31, who was gunned down in front of a nightclub on May 21.

Police said they believe Macdonald George was a Good Samaritan who tried to break up a fight before he was shot.

Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse, an emotional Grace George had hard questions for what happened. 

"Good Samaritans should not be killed. Do you kill Good Samaritans in this city? I want to know. Oh God, I need an answer."

She explained that  her son came to Sas

katoon a year ago for work after coming to Canada 10 years ago from Nigeria.

Macdonald George found work at a local flour mill. 

In his spare time, he loved reading poetry and Time magazine and going to movies, she said.

She finds his death incomprehensible and wants the person responsible to pay the highest price.

"I regret that there is no execution in this country," she said. "I regret that nothing will happen to them."

Police have located a suspected murder weapon and have four suspects in custody in on weapons offences in connection with the shooting.

However, no one has yet been charged with the death.