More than 300 snakes pulled out of Saskatchewan house

The numbers keep rising at Saskatchewan's infamous snake house — but the worst appears to be over.

Harmless garter snakes were looking for a place to stay for winter

More than 100 snakes were found in a house northwest of Regina on the weekend. (CBC)

The numbers keep rising at Saskatchewan's infamous snake house — but the worst appears to be over.

A total of 310 garter snakes have now been removed from a home northwest of Regina, thanks to a local wildlife rehabilitation centre.

They were taken out in bunches after the case was first brought to the attention of Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Salthaven spokesperson Megan Lawrence says they believe they've got most of them.

"Finding them has really slowed down so we think that's about it, though there could be a few hidden stragglers," she said in a text message to CBC News. "So I don't expect too many more."

It's believed the snakes were looking for a place to winter and came in through cracks in the foundation.

At their peak activity, earlier this fall, some had found their way upstairs into the kitchen and hallways.

A pile of plains garter snakes 'rescued' from a home near Regina wriggle for the cameras at the Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. (Megan Lawrence)

Salthaven West says 100 of the snakes will be taken care of in Prince Albert. 

Students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be able to keep an eye on them there. 

Another 98 of the snakes were released last month at Condie Nature Reserve near Regina. 

There are 116 snakes still in care at Salthaven West's Regina facility.

Gartner snakes are harmless and in fact are welcomed by many farmers because they help control rodents.

Members of the family where the snakes were found have asked not to be identified.