More than $22K raised for hurt Regina cat 'Bruce Almighty'

The Regina Humane Society has more than doubled its fundraising goal in support of a badly injured cat.

The cat was found on March 18 with his legs bound in electrical tape

Bruce Almighty is seen after having his bandages changed. (Regina Humane Society)

People in Regina and beyond are rallying around a severely injured cat.

A GoFundMe campaign launched on Friday to help raise money to treat the animal, which is around three years old and affectionately dubbed "Bruce Almighty."

The campaign's original goal was $5,000. As of Friday, March 27 it has raised more than $22,000.

Twitter users are showing support from across Saskatchewan as well as from cities including Seattle and Montreal.

According to the Regina Humane Society's (RHS) GoFundMe post, Bruce Almighty was found on Wednesday, March 18 when he wandered into the yard of a house in the northwest area of the city.

The homeowners were concerned about the cat's condition and alerted authorities.

Responding officers found the cat's legs bound in electrical tape, which had cut off circulation to the limbs.

"The cat, who had no identification, collapsed into the arms of officers late Wednesday evening and purred as they began the delicate process of removing the bands which had destroyed his limbs," the GoFundMe post states.

Bruce Almighty underwent hours of surgery as veterinarians tried to save his legs. (Submitted: Regina Humane Society)

Humane Society veterinarians worked to save the legs during hours of emergency surgery.

"While the Society is hopeful that enough healthy tissue remains to keep his legs and the infection can be treated, his status remains very guarded," the post states.

The front left leg was especially badly damaged during the ordeal.

On Monday, March 23, Bruce still had his leg, but vets removed 8 necrotic toes.

The Humane Society said there is still a risk he will lose a leg. 

The RHS said any extra money raised in addition to the original goal will go towards further animal protection work.

Anyone with information regarding the cat or this incident is asked to contact the RHS.


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