More disclosure from unions, Wall says

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he wants to see more financial disclosure from unions, especially how much they spend on political advertising.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is preparing a package of proposed labour changes for unions in the province, including providing more disclosure on how much money unions spend on political advertising.

Wall said he will share the changes with union leaders in the new year.

"I looked at some of the information that I was provided, and there doesn't seem to be the breakdown that might be helpful for union members to see how politically active unions are with their dollars," he said.

Union leaders told CBC News they do prepare detailed financial statements that are available to union members.

However, the statements do not give enough information on how much unions spend on political advertising, said Wall.

"I was hearing from union members this last [election] campaign about the sheer quantity and the amount of ads that were being bought and members asking, 'How much is that costing, and could we be using it for other things, and what about strike funds?'" he said.

Wall said the government will consult with unions before introducing legislation in the fall of 2012 and passing it in the spring of the following year.