Moose spotted lounging in Regina's Wascana Lake

People in Regina took to Twitter Monday to talk about a moose on the loose, swimming in the city's lake.

Moose spends day taking dip in artificial lake

Moose caught swimming in Regina's Wascana Lake

7 years ago
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Moose swimming in Regina's artificial lake on July 4

A group of spectators gathered around Regina's Wascana Lake Monday morning to watch a moose taking a dip in the water.

According to Twitter users, the large animal was spotted near the artificial lake's Willow Island around 10 a.m. CST.

Todd Mintz, or @yahsemtough on Twitter, shared this photo with CBC Saskatchewan. (Todd Mintz/Twitter)
Apparently, it swam around in the water, with great ease, for the better part of an hour until opting for a lounge in the shallows.

Moose decides to hang out

The moose decided to stay in the cool water until after lunch.

According to a Ministry of Environment official, the moose was still in Wascana Lake, around 1 p.m. CST.

Conservation officers and staff from the Wascana Centre Authority are keeping an eye on the situation and making sure that people stay a safe distance away. 

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Madeline Kotzer


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