'Draw your own conclusions,' Regina mayor says after skeptic turfed from speaking at conference

Mayor Michael Fougere believes there is man-made climate change but said he wanted to hear Patrick Moore speak at an upcoming Regina sustainability conference.

Fougere will attend Rebel Media's event to hear Patrick Moore speak

Regina mayor Michael Fougere said he wants to hear Patrick Moore, who is skeptical about the harm of human-made carbon emissions, out. (Bryan Eneas/CBC)

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said Patrick Moore — a skeptic about the potential harm of human-made carbon emissions — should have been able to speak at an upcoming sustainability conference in the city. 

Moore will instead speak at a Rebel Media-organized event on May 19th at the Conexus Arts Centre, the day before the city's conference. Fougere will be attending. 

"[My attendance] sends a message that being open minded is really important, and not to be labelled is really important," Fougere told CBC Radio's The Morning Edition on Tuesday. 

Moore's appearance was cancelled after backlash. The former Greenpeace director disputes that there is a "climate emergency" or that human-made carbon emissions are harmful.

Fougere doesn't dispute the fact that man-made climate change exists but said he wants to hear what Moore has to say. 

"Just listen to what people have to say and draw your own conclusions, what you think is right or wrong," the mayor said.

Listen to Mayor Michael Fougere's interview on CBC Saskatchewan's The Morning Edition: 

Mayor Michael Fougere will attend Rebel Media's event to hear Patrick Moore speak. The right-wing news outlet booked the climate change skeptic to speak, after the city cancelled his appearance at a sustainability conference - but the mayor says Moore should have been given the opportunity to speak. 7:41

Fougere said he doesn't necessarily agree with Moore's thoughts all the time but also said he doesn't know a lot about Moore's theories. 

"Well I'm not endorsing Rebel Media. I'm not endorsing Dr. Moore," he said.

"I think that most people understand that distinction that I'm simply going to hear what he has to say."

The city is still footing the bill for Moore's appearance due to a contractual obligation. Moore was set to receive $10,000, plus expenses, for his talk at the Reimagine Conference 2020: Roadmap to Sustainable Cities.

The city also said it didn't plan to make the conference a debate about climate change and wanted to "re-shift" the focus of the discussion back to sustainability. 

The City of Regina is reviewing its decision to hire a climate change skeptic, Patrick Moore, to speak at an upcoming sustainability conference. Moore is a former Greenpeace director who now questions the link between carbon emissions and climate change. 2:01

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