Snowboarder Mark McMorris expects to be on the snow soon

After breaking his femur in a snowboarding crash in February, and spending the last four months rehabilitating his leg, Olympic bronze medallist Mark McMorris said he will snowboard again.

McMorris broke his femur in February but will soon be back on the snow

McMorris said since last month his leg has been feeling better. (Sergei Grits/The Associated Press)

Bronze Olympic medalist Mark McMorris says he is working hard to be able to snowboard again and expects to be back on a board this August.

The Regina snowboarding champion, 22, broke his femur in February when he caught an edge on a jump at a competition in Los Angeles. He has spent the past four months months recovering in Vancouver. He said it was just in the last month that it is set in that he was going to be able to snowboard again.

" It's been getting so much better over the last month," he said.

McMorris said right now he is at 85 to 90 per cent but that he wants to be at 100 before he starts training. He said it's why he has been working so hard.

The Regina Olympian said he has been at the rehabilitation centre from three to four hours every day. The recovery process he said has been difficult because all of his hobbies are physical.

McMorris said being 100 per cent isn't just about feeling good physically. It is also about feeling good mentally and being over the injury. McMorris said he was at his lowest in March as he watched his fellow snow boarders at the world tour events from rainy Vancouver.

A humbling experience

McMorris said he has learned a lot over the past four months.

"It makes you want to not take anything for granted ever again."

He says he now appreciates what he gets to do. Since June 23 that has been skateboarding.

"For now, I am happy to be skateboarding around and to be feeling better," he said.

Once he is at 100 per cent, McMorris said he will travel to New Zealand to train. He said he expects to be at that point in August.

"I don't feel any rod or any screws...I don't think I am going to skip a beat," he said.

Despite his injury, McMorris is nominated for an ESPY award for male action sport athlete. This is the third year he has been a nominee. He said is a "special honour" to be up for the award.

"Just getting nominated is cool to me," he said. "It's a reward in itself."

The worst injury of his career.

McMorris said the day of his accident was frustrating.

"It sucks because it was a freak accident that I didn't really have any control over," he said.

He said he didn't break his femur from impact. He said it was because he caught an edge of an uneven scaffolding jump.

Fear of getting hurt again

McMorris said he isn't scared to get back on his snowboard.

"Everybody gets hurt...look at hockey...look at football," he said. "This happens to all athletes."