Man Up initiative takes a stand for Domestic Violence Week in Sask.

The University of Regina’s Man Up Against Violence campaign debuted a new video at Saturday's Rams game.

Oct. 21-27 is Violence Prevention Week in Saskatchewan

Roz Kelsey, director of gender violence prevention at the University of Regina, hopes the Man Up Against Violence initiative will redefine how society sees masculinity. (SRC News)

During Violence Prevention Week in Saskatchewan, the University of Regina's Man Up Against Violence (MAUV) initiative unveiled their new public service announcement at Saturday's Rams football game.

"This is by no means a way to tear down masculinity," Roz Kelsey, director of gender violence prevention at the U of R. "This is a way to expand it, so that we don't just have one way of looking at masculinity, or one set of rules for men."

The Man Up Against Violence initiative logo was seen throughout the New Mosaic Stadium on Saturday. (SRC News)

Campaign breakdown

The campaign, which focuses on the links between hyper-masculinity and violence, unveiled its new video called Redefining the Locker Room during the Ram's halftime show.

"We want to be able to do away with those kinds of ideas that men are only tough, or only speak about women in derogatory ways, or to be homophobic," she said.

Additionally, she hopes the MUAV initiative will motivate people to educate themselves about rape culture and how it has been normalized in society.

"Often times if we try to address it, we usually address it by looking at the victim and asking what could the victim do to prevent this, as opposed to what we really see is the invisible sense of a perpetrator," she said, adding society as a whole is responsible for changing this view.

Oct. 21 – 27 is Violence Prevention Week in Saskatchewan.

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