Mâmawêyatitân Centre gets Roughrider green space through Mosaic funding

The new Mâmawêyatitân Centre in Regina’s North Central community has received $100,000 towards building a green space for cultural teachings and storytelling.

Edible plants and fruit trees to be planted at gathering place

The Mâmawêyatitân Centre has received a $100,000 donation towards building a green space, where native trees and grasses will be planted. (Submitted to CBC)

The new Mâmawêyatitân Centre in Regina's North Central community has received $100,000 towards building a green space for cultural teachings and storytelling. 

The Mosaic Company, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, has provided the funding to build a gathering place on the site of the new services hub. 

The $42-million complex will be home to the Scott Collegiate school, a child-care centre, City of Regina recreation services, a community policing centre and a Regina Public Library branch. 

According to a news release from the centre, the new green space will be a gathering place for the community. 

"Being a new centre, we really want to rejuvenate and build that relationship with others in our community," said Sandra Bellegarde, integration coordinator at the Mâmawêyatitân Centre.

Officials said the Mâmawêyatitân Centre, a new multi-purpose facility in North Central Regina, was about 75 per cent complete in September. (Regina Public Library)

Fruit trees, edible plants and native grasses will be planted there, providing opportunities for Indigenous elders to share their knowledge about their care, upkeep and uses.

"Things like tobacco; natural tobacco can be planted there," Bellegarde said. "Sage, cedar, sweet grass... Those are the kinds of sacred plants, those are the four healing plants that we normally use in our ceremonies."

Mâmawêyatitân Centre owner's group chairperson Jeff Barber welcomed the support for the new space, which will be called the "heart" of the site. 

"The green space and programming will be additions to the centre that will positively impact the community's experience," he said. 

Saskatchewan Roughriders president Craig Reynolds said the new centre was an opportunity for the team to give back to the neighbourhood.