Low Canadian dollar impacts libraries in Regina

Regina Public Library’s Andrea Newland says they’ve had reduce access to certain items.

Regina Public Library’s Andrea Newland says they've had reduce certain items

The vendors for hard copies of books are Canadian but e-books are still purchased from the U.S. (Wikimedia Commons)

The low Canadian dollar is impacting some of the services and resources at Regina's libraries, a Regina Public Library manager says.

Andrea Newland said they have to pay in American dollars for some of the resources they offer.

"A lot of our print magazine subscriptions are in American dollars, so we have had to really examine the popularity of magazines, what the patrons want, and if there are duplicate copies then maybe we won't have multiple copies at different locations," she said.

The low dollar also has impacted electronic resources and databases the RPL offers.

"Things like that, that we find people aren't using as much, we will cut where we can just to make sure that we are stretching the dollar and purchasing things we know the public wants," she said.

So far, Newland said they have been able to avoid any reduction in access to books. The vendors for hard copies are Canadian, but e-books are still purchased from the U.S.

"That's not an area that we would like to cut or even reduce in any way because it's so popular," she said.

In the long run, Newland said they have had to look seriously at next year's budget and are predicting what people will be into.

"If the loonie stays low, we will try to stretch our spending," she said.


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