Province introduces legislation to protect citizens from heir locators

The government of Saskatchewan is introducing legislation to address predatory behaviour by heir locators, who have in some cases taken over 50 per cent of an inheritance in agreements with potential heirs.

Heir locator businesses becoming more active across the country: minister of justice

Justice Minister and Attorney General of Saskatchewan Don Morgan announced new legislation was introduced to protect the public from predatory behaviour by heir locators. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

The government of Saskatchewan is introducing legislation to address predatory behaviour by heir locators. 

Heir locators are people who track down the family of someone who died. A government news release said there have been cases where locators take 50 per cent or more of an inheritance after entering into an agreement with a potential heir.

"I don't think there were specific situations in our province that lead to [the legislation]," justice minister Don Morgan said. 

"It's a nationwide issue, [where] those businesses are becoming more active and we would see them more if we're not doing something to limit the fees." 

The government news release said the maximum heir locators will be able to charge is 10 per cent of a client's interest in an estate. 

Morgan said the legislation also creates a more streamlined process and allows for the province to collect fees.

He said other provinces have or will soon introduce similar legislation.


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