Latasha Gosling 'overflowing with love' for children, photographer says

A photographer from Kinistino, Sask., said she's grieving but also has fond memories of the photo shoot she had last fall with Latasha Gosling and her three children.

Jessica Rae photographed portraits of Gosling, 3 children, last fall

A photographer from Kinistino, Sask., said she's grieving but also has fond memories of the photo shoot she had last fall with Latasha Gosling and her three children.

Jessica Rae said she was stunned when she learned of the murders of Gosling, 27, her daughters, Jenika, 8 and Janayah, 4, and her son Landen, 7.

Police found their bodies in a Tisdale mobile home on Wednesday morning. The man who killed them is believed to have taken his own life a few hours later in Prince Albert.

Latasha Gosling is surrounded by her children (from left) Jenika, Landen, and Janayah. (Submitted by Jessica Rae)

One of Rae's portraits of Gosling and her children ended up being used in numerous news stories and social media posts.

"When I was on my way home yesterday, I knew those photos were in my home and I didn't want to be there," Rae told CBC News. "But the more that I look at it, I can just see how happy they were."  
In an interview with CBC, Rae said she's grateful she was able to spend a little time taking pictures of the four.

"I remember when they first arrived at my house and the kids jumped out of the car," she said.

"They were just so excited to be getting their photos taken and that they got to run around and play for awhile."

She also remembered Latasha, describing her as quiet and beautiful and overflowing with love for her children. 

"Latasha was very sweet," she said. "I feel very honoured and that they chose me to share that special time in their life with them."

Vigil planned

Family members said Thursday that a candlelight vigil, in Tisdale, was set for April 29th at 8:30 p.m. CST in the town square. Candles will be available for people wishing to pay their respects to Gosling and the children.

On social media, another family member, Laura Gross, posted a moving tribute to her sister and the children.

Here is the unedited text of what she wrote:

"To my beautiful sister. words cant describe what im feeling right now, i wasn't ready for you to go, we still had so much more time together left not only were you my sister but, my best friend. Ever since we were kids i always looked up to you, I no we had our differences at times but we never could stay mad for long. 

We always had our kids doing things together, always went trick-or-treating together, Johnathan and Landen always had their birthdays together since they share the same birthday. Christmas time was always the best, because the whole family would get together and celebrate.

Now that you are gone things will never be the same but one thing I do no forsure is that I no you and your three beautiful children are in heaven looking down at us every day. I love you tash and one day we will be together again.

To My three beautiful Nieces and Nephew..

You three were the most amazing adventures kids I no, its hard looking at pictures without crying, Im really trying hard to be strong for you cousins but every time i turn around their are memories, you three always loved being at auntie and uncles, to play with your cousins, watching movies, playing dolls, dressup and even just being here.

Nana and Papa's house was always the best, because you 6 were always playing together outisde on the trampoline, the swing set, even video games and movies. Janayah, you were my little chipmunk, every time you talked you sounded like one I loved you for that, Landen, you always wanted to be around uncle uriah, wrestling with him, or even sitting right close to him on the couch watching him play video games or asking to play on the DS. you and john were always so close you were like twins. Jenika, you were so grown up for your age, everytime you would come over you always wanted to help out with emma, she was always the first one you would pick-up, always asked to change her diaper, feed her and play dress up with her and bridgette. 

I have so many memories of you three and your mom to share with everyone but to do so i might as well write a novel series. 

I love all four of you, you are always in our hearts. I miss you guys so much and I will always keep praying to you's. its hard to accept this, its hard to believe its true. I love you Jenika, Landen, and Janyah and My beautiful sister and loving mother Latasha."


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