Kindersley left to clean up wreckage after Tuesday storm

A dark and stormy night wreaked havoc in Saskatchewan on Tuesday night as rain and heavy wind gusts tore through Kindersley.

Winds recorded at 89 km/h but likely higher in some areas

Firefighters in Kindersley responded to multiple reports of trailers that had blown over. (Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade)

A dark and stormy night wreaked havoc in Saskatchewan Tuesday as rain and heavy wind gusts tore through Kindersley.

The Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade was kept busy responding to incidents across the town, including a call to a park where multiple RVs had been blown over, including one with two people and a dog inside.

"There's a lot of trees down all over the community, as well as other materials [like] shingles, some roofing material," Fire Chief Ron Hope said on Wednesday morning. "It's going to be a few days of clean up."

Storms persisted for the second consecutive day in parts of western Saskatchewan Tuesday. Four tornadoes touched down in the southwest, meaning there have been six confirmed tornadoes since Monday. 

Hope has been the fire chief for 20 years and has been in the service for 37 years. He said the last big storm he saw in the Kindersley area was back in the '90s, but it had higher winds and less rain at the time.

Fire Chief Ron Hope said he hasn't seen a storm this big since the '90s. (Kindersley Fire and Rescue Brigade)

"Most of the water has subsided now. The streets, a lot of them were under ... a foot or two feet of water," Hope said. 

In addition to the toppled RVs, the fire department also responded to scenes of downed power lines and someone who was trapped in a hotel elevator. 

The storm was a big one but it moved through the area relatively quickly. The winds were measured at 89 kilometres an hour near the airport, according to meteorologist John Paul Cragg, but the winds were likely higher in other areas.

Thirty-two millimetres of precipitation fell in the area during the storm, which was essentially part of the same low pressure system as the storm which rolled through Val Marie and areas in southern Saskatchewan. 

The system has moved out of the area and cooler air has come in since then, Cragg said.

"We've got a couple of days of reprieve before the potential for a big thunder storm starts to rear its head again."

Kindersley is located 186 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon.