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Sask. kids tell you everything you need to know about summer water fun

The CBC Saskatchewan Kids Series is bringing advice from kids for kids and adults. This week, we asked kids to weigh in on their favourite water activities and settle the eternal debate: are sprinklers better than spray parks?

The CBC Saskatchewan Kids Series is bringing advice from kids for kids and adults 

This CBC Sask Kids Advice features Juniper Hartnett, Jack Larson, Zenyn Hildebrandt and Jan-Sébastien Guérette. (Submitted by Elsie Hartnett, Sheldon Larson, Lisa Hildebrandt, Chris Guérette)

Are pools or lakes better? What should kids do if they're nervous about swimming? How do you combat boredom during the summer? 

CBC Saskatchewan is hearing from children this summer in a miniseries on their advice from kids for kids (and adults). This week it's all about summer water fun. To apply to have your child featured in a piece, email

What is the best summer water activity? 

"My friend has … squares or circles that you float on," said Jan-Sébastien Guérette, 11.

"What we would do is we would basically just all stand on it. So we just sink to the bottom and then we jump off. So they would just float back up."

Kinistino's Jack Larson, 8, says the best water activity is "swimming in general."

"It's one of my favourite things to do, ever," he said.

Juniper Hartnett, 6, says a pool is best because the water is cool. Zenyn Hildebrandt agrees, "since pools have water slides." 

Do you prefer a lake or pool? 

"Depends if I want to be with friends and if I want to be in a controlled area," said Jan-Sébastien.

"Let's say I don't want to lose the water guns or things — I'd want to be in a pool."

But for camping, "I'd like to be in a lake because it's more natural and you're in a bigger environment."

Morin Lake Regional Park is in north central Saskatchewan. Jan-Sébastien says if you're camping, the lake beats a pool. (Saskatchewan Regional Parks)

Juniper says she prefers the lake "because it's fun and we camp." Jack said he has never been to the lake and "a pool is cleaner," so he prefers the pool. 

Zenyn said pools are the best because "there's water and sometimes warm water in the pool." whereas lakes are colder. 

Are spray parks or sprinklers best? 

Sprinklers are the best, "because instead of going somewhere you can just put on a bathing suit and go outside around your front yard," Juniper said. 

"Honestly, I want to say sprinklers because honestly, like, spray parks are good — maybe they have a couple more things that you can do. But, like, you don't choose where they shoot," Jan-Sébastien said.

"When you have a bunch of sprinklers, you can choose where they are." 

A boy plays at a Regina spray park during the current heat wave. We asked Jan-Sébastien, Jack, Juniper and Zenyn whether spray pads are better than sprinklers. (Germain Wilson/CBC)

Jack picks spray parks, "because they're bigger."

"Though the only thing that sprinklers have that's better than water parks are because, well, they have privacy," he said.

Zenyn also goes with spray parks, "because spray parks have the most activities and sprinklers are tinier." 

What toys are the best in the water?

Water guns are best, "because you can fill them up and squirt them" at friends, Juniper said. 

"I don't want to say water guns.… I want to say goggles because they can actually go in the water. When you count that as a toy, though, that's the question," Jan-Sébastien said.

A woman uses a water gun as she takes part in a water fight in The Hague during a July 2019 heat wave. Some of the kids we talked to suggested water guns are the best water toys to play with. (Phil Nijhuis/AFP/Getty Images)

"A swim platform, maybe like something that you can float on," Jack said. 

Zenyn said the best toys for her are "Barbie toys that have wet clothes that could dry very fast."

She also likes to bring accessories in a bag to make sure nothing gets lost. 

What are the best snacks to have out at the spray park or pool? 

"Probably something that has either a wrapper or is a drink, so it won't get ruined when it's wet," Jack said. 

"Hot dogs and chips" are best to have when out at the water, Juniper said, because they're her favourite. 

"Do you guys know what Swiss rolls are? It's basically a very light cake that is rolled up and they roll it up like a cinnamon bun. You roll it up in cream, but it's like a log," Jan-Sébastien said.

"And then you cover it in chocolate. It's very yummy."

Zenyn opts for "chips and Cheetos and carrot sticks," because they're super good.

What do you say to kids who are nervous about swimming? 

"It's OK, because your parents will keep an eye on you and the lifeguards will keep an eye on you," Juniper said. 

"Honestly, if you have your own pool, maybe start at the lower end and then maybe if you're too scared, just put on floaties," Jan-Sébastien said.

"And then maybe bring a water gun, because then you can make fun of your friends by shooting them. And that brings off a bit of the stress."

"If the weather's cold, just sit there for a bit and you'll get warmer and if the water is hot, the same is true, but except colder," Jack said. "It's one of my favourite activities."

Zenyn wants any nervous kids to know "we hold our hands and we be careful."