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Everything kids need to know ahead of camping this long weekend

We're getting advice from kids for kids this summer!

We're getting advice from kids for kids this summer

CBC Sask is asking your advice this Spring and Summer! Contact to apply to have your children be a part of it. (Submitted by Risa Payant, Roshelle Montgomery, Sheldon Larson and Lisa Hindebrandt )

What are some must have items at a campsite? What does Canada mean to you? How do you embrace boredom during the summer months? 

CBC Saskatchewan is launching a new mini-series this spring and summer getting advice from kids for kids (and adults). To apply to have your child chosen for a piece, email 

May long weekend is here and despite the chilly weather many campers are hitting the road. We asked some kid correspondents for advice on how to make the most of it! 

What are your favourite things about camping?

"I like sleeping and I like to see all the stars that are on top of me. I like just relaxing and not having to do any schoolwork because I just get to relax in nature. And I like going on hikes with everyone," said nine-year-old Ever Olaechea Payant from Regina.

"My favourite three things about camping are going on the boat and just letting the wind pass by. It's so fun. Also just swimming in general. It's one of the funnest things about camping I've ever done," said Jack Larson from Kiniskino, Sask. 

Yva Montgomery from Regina, Sask., said she enjoys swimming at the beach and "roasting marshmallows. I like being outside." 

"My favourite three things about camping are: going on hikes, having super sweet s'mores and going canoeing, kayaking," said Zaelia Hildebrandt from Saskatoon, Sask. 

Is it better to have planned activities or free days? 

Hildebrandt said it's better to have free days because "when you have a free day, then you could do what you want. You could go hike, you could go kayaking and have s'mores, whatever you want."

Larson prefers unplanned time as well, because plans "can go wrong sometimes and I like to swim unplanned anyway. You can't really plan out swimming."

Yva Montgomery is nine years old and lives in Regina, Sask. (Submitted by Roshelle Montgomery)

"I like knowing what we would do that day," Montgomery said. "So I would go with planned activities."

"I like planned activities better because then it helps you out in your day," Olaechea Payant agreed. "Like, if you don't know what you're supposed to be doing and you're like 'What am I supposed to do then?' You can just go and be like 'Oh, I have to do this, then I'll do that.'"

What should you be sure to bring camping? 

"My first thing [to bring] is definitely like s'more stuff, because if you don't have s'mores stuff, then it won't be a good camping trip. Probably like comfy clothes you can just relax in. Definitely stuffies, some good books and probably a hammock," Olaechea Payant said.

Larson said his top things to bring are a swimsuit, "sleeping bags, obviously ingredients for s'mores and also basically a tube to go tubing." 

Jack Larson lives in Kinistino, Sask. He said it would be fun to make s'mores with Kit Kats as the chocolate. (Submitted by Sheldon Larson )

"My top five things to bring are probably a tent or a camper, lots of drinks and probably like food, games, clothes," Montgomery said. "Like board games, probably Monopoly."

"My top three three favourite things to bring camping are at least three flashlight's, stuffies and a book or two. I like the Babysitters Club and Dog Man," Hildebrandt said. 

What should kids do if they are bored at their campsite?

"If there's a park nearby, walk to the park or play games. For me, I would probably play ladder ball with my family or something," Montgomery said. "It's this big thing and it's kind of like a ladder. And there are two balls when you have to try to throw them onto the [ladder] bars." 

"So last year, me and my sister, we found this secret hidden trail. Then whenever we were bored, we'd just go and find another one," Olaechea Payant said. "That was really fun. There are no boring times, only boring minds."

Ever Olaechea Payant lives in Regina, Sask. She enjoys watching the stars over her campsite in the summer months. (Submitted by Risa Payant)

"If you're bored at the campsite, you should either, if you're wanting to talk about something, just talk with your parents or someone else at the campsite. But if you're wanting to do something, try to light a fire or make some s'mores," Larson said. 

Hildebrandt recommends that bored kids "explore, like maybe find a pathway and then look at all the new plants and maybe find a few deer."

How do you make the perfect s'more? 

"To make the perfect s'more, you don't really need to change the crackers, but you need to change the marshmallows. Gigantic marshmallows are the way I like it, with them roasted golden brown. And also Kit-Kat chocolate," Larson said. 

"To make the perfect s'more, I would toast my marshmallow so it's almost burned and then have milk chocolate and then just squish it all together," Hildebrandt said.

Zaelia Hildebrandt lives in Saskatoon, Sask. She recommends bringing stuffies and books, among other items, when out camping this summer. (Submitted by Lisa Hildebrandt)

"The first thing you should do is roast the marshmallows," Olaechea Payant said. "So it's nice and tan and it's really squishy. And then what me and my family do, we get cookies that already have chocolate in them and you can get like any kind you want. There's caramel, there's mint, I think there's chocolate and squish it onto the marshmallow."

"I put [marshmallows] right in the middle of the fire and turn it around really quickly and then put it on top so it's all going to brown and inside it's all gooey," Montgomery said. "And then I would melt a little bit of chocolate and I'd put it on the graham cracker and put the marshmallow in and make a little sandwich."