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'It feels slimy': U of R fights prof on access to information request about research funding

The University of Regina continues to fight against one professor's attempt to find out who is funding oil and gas research at the post-secondary institution.

Fentanyl, meth and etizolam detected after Regina overdoses

Early toxicology results show that two people who died by overdose in Regina had lethal levels of fentanyl and meth in their system, according to the Saskatchewan Coroners Service. Meanwhile, a city patrol group is calling for a supervised injection site.

Cabin seized by Sask. gov't 'integral' to trapper's way of life, First Nations leaders say, urging its return

First Nations leaders are calling on the province to return the cabin of a northern trapper in Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, a second northern trapper speaks out about the seizure of his own.

'There was some style back then': Regina man creates vintage-inspired custom rides

Jason MacPherson does wheel restoration a day job, but his passion burns by creating and modifying old cars — adding the style he thinks they should have.

Cora Sellers says system not equipped to handle crystal meth addictions

Cora Sellers has long spoken out for vulnerable people in Regina, but never about her own daughter's cycle of crystal meth addiction and trauma.

eHealth discovers Sask. files sent to suspicious IP addresses in Europe

In the wake of a ransomware attack, eHealth Saskatchewan has discovered that files have been sent to suspicious IP addresses. The organization can't confirm that personal data was not compromised.

Horses help Sask. people heal through equine-assisted learning

Tanya and Todd McNeice are life skills facilitators at Double T Ranch. The place is open to people dealing with addictions, disease, relationship problems and other challenges brought about by life.

Jason McKay guilty of 2nd-degree murder in domestic homicide

A judge has convicted Jason McKay of second-degree murder in the death of his wife, Jenny.

Homicide victim Jenny McKay's father leans on faith at son-in-law's murder trial

Retired pastor Doug Campbell is leaning on faith to get through the murder trial of Jason McKay, his son-in-law — just as he used faith to cope with his daughter's death. On Friday afternoon, a judge is expected to deliver the decision at the McKay trial.

Juno nominations celebrated by Sask. musicians and visual artists

A team of women came together to create the artwork for Belle Plaine's album Malice, Mercy, Grief and Wrath. The project is now nominated for best album artwork of the year. They're part of the small group of Sask. nominees for the 2020 awards.

Defence-witness pharmacology expert testifies Jason McKay had alcohol-induced amnesia

A pharmacology expert called to testify by the defence says Jason McKay had an alcohol induced amnesia when his wife was allegedly stabbed to death. However, he noted he was forming some of his opinion based on what McKay said.

Jason McKay testifies he heard strange voice say 'kill her' before stabbing his wife twice

Jason McKay is accused of killing his wife Jenny. On Thursday, he testified in his own defence and told the court about what he saw and heard on the night she died.

Judge rules Jason McKay had clear operating mind while saying 'I killed my wife'

A Regina man has ruled that Jason McKay's statements, such as 'I killed her,' and 'I know I'm charged with murder' can be admitted as evidence to the murder trial at Regina’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

Police officer sheds tears as he describes 'gruesome' death scene at Regina murder trial

In testimony Tuesday, a Regina police officer teared up as he recalled the "gruesome" scene he came upon when he found the body of Jenny McKay at Jason McKay's home in 2017.

'I killed her': Trial begins for Regina man accused in wife's death

Jason Daniel McKay has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. He's accused of killing his wife, Jenny, in September 2017. The judge-alone trial began Monday at Regina's Court of Queen's Bench.