'Jumping tree lice' invading Moose Jaw

A cottony ash psyllid infestation is underway in Moose Jaw, according to the city's parks gardener.

The pest preys on Manchurian and black ash trees, which make up most of downtown Moose Jaw

The pest has also heavily affected Saskatoon, with many mature trees having to be cut down. (CBC)

An invasive pest has made its way to Moose Jaw. 

The cottony ash psyllid — also known as jumping tree lice — preys on Manchurian and black ash. According to the city, the majority of the trees in the downtown area are Manchurian ash. 

The bug has vampire-like tendencies, as it sucks the juice out of trees to survive. Symptoms of an infested tree include curled leaves, a sticky, cotton-like substance under the tree and less leaves on the inside branches. The city said it is useful for homeowners to water trees during hot weather. 

The bug is small, around 3 mm in length, and the adults are lime green.

The city is working to minimize the impact of these bugs by spraying trees with insecticidal soap. 

With files from Danny Kerslake