Jim Cuddy talks musical collaborations before performing at Saskatoon's CCMAs

The frontman for one of Canada’s best known roots bands is taking the stage on country music’s big night.

Cuddy to perform with country star Gord Bamford Sunday night

Jim Cuddy sings as Blue Rodeo performs at the Juno awards in St. John's, N.L. on Sunday, April 18, 2010.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan (The Canadian Press)

The frontman for one of Canada's best known roots bands is taking the stage on Canadian country music's big night.

Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo will be singing at the CCMA Awards in Saskatoon on Sunday night alongside Gord Bamford.

Cuddy told CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend that the pair forged a friendship through the Juno Cup — a celebrity hockey game between Canadian musicians and NHL legends.

Cuddy convinced Bamford to join the team after finding out how good at hockey he was. Now, the favour is being returned on stage.

While Cuddy said he's excited to perform with Bamford, he said going full-country was a trip into an unfamiliar genre.

"I had to sort of learn how to fit my voice around Gord's, which was very interesting," Cuddy said. "It will be fun for us to just be up there and try to be like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton."

Cuddy joked that in that scenario, he would be Dolly.

The perks of fame

Blue Rodeo has been known for naturally merging different genres and because of that, they've fit in in many different performances throughout the years, Cuddy said.

While the band identifies as roots, Cuddy said it also straddles country and rock.

Cuddy said he never had a goal of getting famous, but it has presented him some opportunities.

"It has allowed us to play with so many musicians," Cuddy said. "The Skydiggers and the Tragically Hip and Spirit of the West, all the people who we've played with over the years.

"And then on a more famous level, it's allowed us to bring somebody like Kris Kristofferson up to play with us. And that was one of the musical highlights of my life."

With files from CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend