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SaskTel sending 600 notices per week to customers accused of illegal downloading

SaskTel says that since the beginning of this year, it has sent out an average of 600 copyright violation notices a week.

Creeping bellflower is showing up more and more in Regina. So how do you get rid of it?

An invasive plant known as the creeping bellflower has been popping up around Regina this summer.

Regina blogger starts local #ClearTheLists fundraiser to help teachers with supplies

A Regina blogger is helping teachers clear their supplies lists this back-to-school season.

Becoming a dad can take a toll on men's mental health, according to new survey

The Movember Foundation did a survey that found fatherhood can take a toll on a man’s mental health.

Recording studio in Piapot to close its doors after lengthy legal dispute

The family who owns Skullcreek Recording Studio in Piapot, Sask., is being evicted after the resolution of a lengthy lawsuit against the Rural Municipality of Piapot.

Sask. leads country in 'phone separation anxiety,' says survey

A survey done by Simplii Financial found that almost half of respondents in the province have felt anxious while away from their cellphones.

Cystic fibrosis advocates hope to alert premiers to lack of affordable treatments

Advocates for the rare disease cystic fibrosis are joining forces to gain the attention of the country’s premiers as they meet in Saskatoon.

Regina-born cartoonist featured in Mad Magazine reflects on its end

A Regina cartoonist who had his work featured in MAD Magazine says he is sad the iconic publication is coming to an end.

Gainer the Gopher's new look draws mockery online

The Saskatchewan Roughriders introduced a brand new look for iconic mascot Gainer the Gopher on Canada Day.

Walk Off the Earth visits sick Saskatoon boy in hospital before Jazz Fest performance

Ontario-based band Walk Off the Earth surprised a young fan in the hospital earlier today in Saskatoon.

Regina women come together to bring vintage market to the city

Susie Hilton and Susan Birley met last fall through a mutual friend and a mutual love of antiques. Now they've come together to organize the Queen City Vintage Market, the first of its kind since 2013. 

'I've never felt that it was work': Regina hairdresser retires after more than 50 years

A Regina salon closed its doors last Friday after nearly 30 years in business.

Sask. man camps out in rain in Toronto for hotly-anticipated Game 5 of the NBA finals

A Saskatoon man has joined Raptors fans at Toronto's Jurassic Park, who are camping out in anticipation for Game 5 of the NBA finals. Meanwhile, Regina and Saskatoon will be hosting their own Jurassic Parks for tonight's game.

CBC Sask. listeners recommend favourite documentaries

CBC Saskatchewan's Blue Sky asked people in the province for documentary recommendations and they delivered.

'Such a rare thing': Sask. photographer captures shots of all-white deer near Eatonia

A Saskatchewan woman got the snapshot of a lifetime earlier this week, when she spotted an all-white mule deer near Eatonia.