'It's okay to be white' posters pop up at U of R; security investigating

The University of Regina's Campus Security is investigating 'it's okay to be white' posters which were posted around campus earlier this week.

Posters have popped up in several places in Canada and the U.S.

Campus security at the University of Regina is investigating after unauthorized signs which say "it's okay to be white" were posted around the campus.

One poster was specifically posted to the door of the Office of Indigenization in the campus' Research and Innovation Centre.

"Simply put, these signs have no place at our university," said U of R president Vianne Timmons, in a release.

"Their divisive message is not in keeping with our commitment to building a respectful, welcoming and diverse environment for all who study, work, live and visit here."

The posters have popped up on campuses across the U.S. and Canada over the last few weeks. According to a report by The Washington Post, the poster campaign originated on the online message board 4chan, and is intended to eventually have more people adopt white nationalist views while discrediting news outlets which report on the posters.

Timmons says the investigation involves a potential violation of its respectful university policy and as vandalism.

Under the policy's discrimination section, practices incited by another person's "ancestry, colour, race or perceived race, nationality, place of origin" are listed as grounds for violation of the policy.