Interpretation errors found in radiology scans

Cypress Health Region finds errors in radiology interpretations after reviewing more than 3,500 CT scans.

The results are in from 3,766 Computerized Tomography (CT) scans reviewed in the Cypress Health Region, and 15 per cent of them were misinterpreted.

The scans were all examined by one doctor, who has since retired, between 2004 and 2007.

The reviews were done following the results of a routine audit of medical imaging interpretations in June 2010.

"Although the extensive review has consumed a number of months, we wanted to ensure that the re-interpretation process was appropriate and accurate," said Beth Vachon, Cypress Health Region chief executive officer, in a press release. 

"With the assistance of the external radiologist group and our team of family physicians and staff, we have been able to make sure that patients requiring further follow-up care have been identified."

The region says it has since taken steps in improving its radiology department, such as hiring a second radiologist.

The health region has contacted nearly all of the patients who may have been affected.