Ignite! Festival in Regina celebrates invention and innovation

A festival in Regina hopes to kindle creativity and help a love of science and innovation catch fire in all those that attend.

Lego robots, 3D printers, circuit boards among items people can tinker and play with at festival

The Ignite! Festival combines art, science, and engineering to celebrate innovation in the province. (Submitted by Jessica Bickford)

A festival in Regina hopes to kindle creativity and help a love of science and innovation catch fire in all those that attend.

The Ignite! Festival by the Saskatchewan Science Centre started in 2014 as a way to get people excited about science.

"It's to celebrate making and also to show off all the innovation and really excellent people and the work they are doing in our province," said Jessica Bickford, marketing coordinator for the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

The four-day event brings science, art and engineering together to encourage and inspire invention and creation in the community.

"We wanted people to see what people are already doing and to know that science, making things and building are never off limits for anyone," said Bickford.

The festival started Wednesday with a career fair for schools and will be begin for the public Thursday evening.

It kicks off with a night of 19+ only workshops where people can select one workshop to participate in and have access to a cash bar.

The workshops include:

  • Dissection Connection - where guests can dissect a fetal pig to learn about the human anatomy.
  • Solder On - Aaron Rodgers, an instructor at Sask Polytechnic, helps participants create an LED Blinker kit
  • Molecular Gastronomy 101 - Milton Rebello of Skye Cafe & Bistro provides lessons on how to make balsamic pearls and play with sugar and isomalt.

On Friday, there will be a family-friendly event packed full of activities and workshops.

There will be opportunities to build Lego robots, take-apart circuit boards and learn about pre-historic mammals.

Children can take part in building Lego robots a the Ignite! Festival. (Submitted by Jessica Bickford)

"We're also having a Global Cardboard Challenge event where people come and help us build a whole cardboard city. So that will be very fun," said Bickford.

The grand finale is the Ignite! Expo on Saturday where exhibitors from across the province showcase their building skills, works of art and engineering wonders.

Some exhibitors include Jeremy Rieger of Big Time Furniture and Design, Regina Model Machine Group and the Saskatchewan Lego Users Group.

"On top of that, there will also be extra programming, so tons of cool things you can come make, build, and play with as well," said Bickford.

with files from CBC's the Afternoon Edition