'I've been through a whirlwind': Homicide victim's widow says future has been 'shattered'

Two people are now charged in connection to the death of a Kincaid, Sask. man who went missing in Gravelbourg July 12.

Court documents allege Landry's body dragged and buried after his death

Marie Moldovan said her husband had gone searching for the family's dog the day he went missing. (RCMP)

Marie Moldovan says she was at her daughter's swim meet on July 12, the last time she saw her husband Claude Landry.

Two people approached and said they had information about where the family's missing dog was. Landry went with them and disappeared.

Within a few days, police reported that the circumstances around Landry's disappearance were suspicious.

RCMP arrested Robert Arams, a 74-year-old Gravelbourg man, on July 22.

74-year-old Robert Arams appeared briefly in Regina Provincial Court Monday. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)

Arams was charged with first-degree murder and causing an indignity to a body.

Court documents allege Arams dragged and then buried Landry's dead body, resulting in the indignity charge.

On Tuesday, RCMP said a second person had been arrested in connection with the death.

David Earl Prentice, 42, has also been charged with causing an indignity to Landry's body. He made his first court appearance on Tuesday.

Hate, to anger, to grief

Moldovan spoke to reporters on the steps of the Moose Jaw Provincial Courthouse after Arams' appearance Tuesday.

She said she wasn't surprised when she learned that Arams had been charged in the death, because of rumours that had been floating around the small communities near Gravelbourg.

Even so, she said that when her fears were confirmed and Landry was reported dead, her future plans were "shattered."

"I've been through a whirlwind, from hate, to anger, to grief, but at this point in time I'm just trying to put on my best face for my family and my daughter."

Marie Moldovan said she plans to attend as many of Arams' court appearances as possible in support of her husband and his family. (Dann McKenzie/CBC)

Moldovan said Landry leaves behind eight children in total. Not all of them were biological children, but Landry loved them all the same, Moldovan said.

She added that it was important for her to represent Landry and the rest of his family in court. She said she plans to be present for as many of Arams' appearances as possible.

"Claude has impacted a lot of people's lives, he has done a lot of good for others, he was generous and kindhearted and I wanted Robert [Arams] to see my face."