Highway near Cumberland House called Saskatchewan's worst

Highway 123 near Cumberland House is 2013's worst road in Saskatchewan, according to the Canadian Automobile Association.

Highway 123 in northern Saskatchewan near Cumberland House is the worst road in the province, according to a Canadian Automobile Association poll.

On Friday, the CAA unveiled its list of the top 10 worst roads and a stretch of road near Cumberland House that is often rough or impassable with ruts and water got the most votes.

Most of the highways on the list are rural, although Regina's Ring Road is listed as the sixth worst in the province.

CAA does an annual poll about bad roads hoping to highlight troublesome or dangerous road conditions so the government can take action.

A road qualifies as a "worst" if it is in general disrepair with potholes, cracks, poor signage, congestion or is too narrow.

Here's the full list:

1. Highway 123 near Cumberland House

2. Highway 42 near Dinsmore

3. Highway 908 near Ile a la Crosse

4. Highway 22 near Earl Grey

5. Pasture Road near Rosetown

6. Ring Road, Regina

7. Highway 18 near Beaubier

8. Highway 155 near La Loche

9. Highway 35 near Love

10. Highway 18 near Lake Alma