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Moose Jaw woman becomes 1st female coach in WHL

Olivia Howe's hockey career has come full circle.

'Green team' of dumpster diving kids diverting recyclables from garbages in Regina

Abby Tetlow says that if everyone paid special attention to making sure they were recycling properly, it would make a big impact on landfills.

Sask. student who thought he'd never play football scores 1st touchdown — with a little help from his friends

Connolly Gamble has always loved the game, but could never play due to a life-threatening brain condition.

Sask. photographer remembers late husband through wedding dress tradition

Each fall, Vanessa Lanktree zips up her wedding dress to remember the day she married her best friend, Eric.

Sask. woman wins Ladies world championship for Big Buck Hunter eSports game

Lauren Hope wasn't a gamer or hunter when she first picked up the rifle. Now she's a Ladies world champion.

Should you listen to science and not rake your leaves?

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has a good reason for you to avoid the annual chore this fall — helping bugs, birds, and butterflies. CBC wants to hear what you have to say.

Striking Crown workers and their supporters hold rally, march through downtown Regina

An estimated 1,500 unionized workers currently on strike at seven Saskatchewan Crown corporations rallied and marched with their supporters through downtown Regina on Friday.

Unifor denies SaskPower's claims non-union workers being bullied by strikers

SaskPower says their non-unionized employees are being bullied and Unifor is using picket security to intimidate. Unifor disputes that, saying their security is meant to keep pickets safe and keep the peace.

Civic Museum is on the lookout for an amateur who can crack a '30s-era safe

The Civic Museum of Regina is looking for amateur safecrackers willing to take a shot at opening a 1930s-era safe in their collection. 

It's peak fall supper season in Sask. Here's a list of what's coming up

Perogies, cabbage rolls, and more — the small town tradition of fall suppers shows no sign of stopping. Instead, people are becoming even more aware of all the different suppers through social media. 

'Trojan horse' treatment for MS shows promising results in lab tests

A University of Regina researcher is showing how a 'Trojan horse' protein may be key to correcting multiple sclerosis and is already having positive results with mice in the lab.

Nostalgia, games, toys and a touch of horror at the Retro Game and Toy Fair

The fair had everything from old gaming consoles to comic books and figurines.

Shorter zones, shorter times best way to help people slow down in school zones, says researcher

If the City of Regina wants more people to obey school speed zones, it should limit the length of the zones and shorten the hours they're in effect, says a U.S. researcher.

Guide puppies-in-training throughout Regina 'a real joy,' says puppy raiser

The first batch ever to be trained in Regina arrived this fall, and will be in the city for a year to train and socialize with their volunteer "puppy raisers."

Royal Sask. Museum celebrating 'exciting' fossil finds after summer excavations

The palaeontologists from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum found bones from triceratops dinosaurs, a Hadrosaur, plesiosaur and more in southwestern Saskatchewan.