Jeremy Harrison withdraws from Sask. Party leadership race, backs Scott Moe

Meadow Lake MLA Jeremy Harrison announced on Friday is no longer in the running for Sask. Party leadership and premier.

Harrison, former Minister of Economy, announced bid Aug. 19

Harrison is withdrawing from the Sask. Party leadership and is now backing Scott Moe. (CBC)

Meadow Lake MLA Jeremy Harrison withdrew his name from the leadership race for the Saskatchewan Party and premier of the province on Friday.

Harrison said he will back Scott Moe, ahead of Moe's own leadership bid which is expected to be announced Friday in Saskatoon.

Harrison resigned from his cabinet position as the Minister of Economy and announced a leadership bid on Aug. 19.

In a press release, Harrison said Moe — a long-time friend of Harrison's — shares very closely Harrison's own values and principles. 

Harrison said he is confident Moe would fight the federal carbon tax, and praised Moe as someone committed to ethics and accountability. 

Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Gordon Wyant, Ken Cheveldayoff and Alanna Koch are the others running for Sask. Party leadership.