RCMP searching for suspect after attempted break-in, gunshot on farm west of North Battleford

Battleford RCMP responded to a call on a rural property west of North Battleford, where the homeowners say someone trespassed on their property and nearly shot the husband in the head.

Seniors who own the farm say they have never experienced such an incident in 40 years on property

Battlefords RCMP are searching for a suspect they describe as approximately five feet seven inches tall, wearing dark clothing and a back pack for an alleged break and enter and discharging a firearm. (CBC News)

A husband and wife are shaken up after they say someone trespassed onto their farm west of North Battleford, Sask. and fired a gun at the husband.

In a news release, Battleford RCMP confirmed they attended a complaint of breaking and entering at a rural property at approximately 5 a.m. CST on Feb. 18. 

According to the RCMP, "an unidentified suspect had been observed breaking into an outbuilding. The same suspect is then believed to have discharged a firearm once at the residence, resulting in a broken window."

Kathy and Ed Smith said they were awoken by their security system early Sunday morning, which notified them of a disturbance at the outside garage door.   

Kathy said her husband walked into a bedroom where the garage is visible at night and then heard him yelling at someone to get off the property. 

"There was a guy up on the deck, about maybe two feet from the window," she said. 

"Ed [hit] the window and said 'get out of here' and the guy turned around and fired."

Kathy Smith said it was about eight inches above where her husband was standing. 

"If he had been 5-10 [in height], he would have got a bullet in the brain," she said. 

Couple thankful they heard alarm

The incident has left the couple, both 79, shocked and wondering what could have happened if they weren't alerted by the alarm.

"It just scares me to think, what if he broke a window and came in with a gun," she said.

"It seems to be a sad world when you can't even live in your own place without some idiot thinking he can take what we have."

The couple have lived on their farm for 40 years and said they have never experienced an incident like this.

RCMP say they dispatched police dog services and believe the suspect had fled on foot into a waiting vehicle. 

They describe the suspect as approximately five-foot-seven inches tall, wearing dark clothing and a back pack.

The investigation is ongoing.

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