Gull Lake, Swift Current fire crews rescue man trapped in collapsed well

Fire crews from Gull Lake and Swift Current were called in to a farm near the village of Hazlet, where a well collapsed and buried a man up to his chest in mud.

Victim was conscious, extremely cold, but otherwise unhurt: Deputy chief

Crews from Swift Current, whose fire hall is seen here, and from Gull Lake worked together to rescue a man trapped in a collapsed well. (Swift Current Fire Department/Facebook)

A man digging a well on a farm property near the village of Hazlet, roughly 60 kilometres west of Swift Current, was trapped when it collapsed around him. 

The man was 12 to 15 feet deep when he ended up buried to his chest in mud on Saturday. Fire crews from Gull Lake and Swift Current were called in to help him out.

"Gull Lake firefighters had gained access to the trapped victim, had removed some soil from around the victim's upper body, and were securing the trench to prevent further collapse," a statement from the Swift Current Fire Department said. 

"When Swift Current Fire Department members arrived, they assessed the situation and began victim removal procedures." 

The statement said firefighters used a backhoe with a haul system to lower a firefighter who then packaged the victim into a harness, attached himself to the victim and was lifted out of the hole. 

Deputy Chief Ryan Hunter said the victim was conscious, extremely cold, but otherwise unhurt when he was removed from the hole. He was treated by Gull Lake Ambulance and transported to hospital.