Grey Cup fans to be watched through 33 security cameras

As Grey Cup festivities kick off in downtown Regina Wednesday afternoon, more than two dozen cameras will be focusing on fans.

As Grey Cup festivities kick off in downtown Regina Wednesday more than two dozen cameras will be keeping watchful eyes on fans as they roam city streets and venues.

The video will only be used if it's needed in prosecuting a crime, according to John Hill, who's heading the IT and communications committee for the festival events.

Organizers have installed 33 cameras in Victoria Park, along Scarth Street and inside festival tents. 

It's prevention and protection at the end of the day- John Hill

"In the event that legal authorities have requirements to see video footage through the courts or whatever case that may be, those opportunities are there," Hill said.

"It's prevention and protection at the end of the day," he added.

There is a separate closed circuit camera system set up at Evraz Place.

Police and security personnel will be monitoring the footage at three command posts in the city.

"It protects city assets and it keeps people safe and that's the goal," Regina police Insp. Corey Zaharuk said.

Fans, on the street, reacted positively to the presence of cameras.

"If people are going to be abusive during before the game or after, I got no problem being on camera," one told CBC News.

"If you're not doing anything bad, you got no problem with film," added another.

"I don't see why anyone would have a problem with that," another fan chimed in. "You're out here having a good time. You don't have to be concerned about being on camera."

Zaharuk added that many other eyes will be watching the goings on.

"Everyone has a smartphone," Zaharuk said. "Everyone has a video-camera. So those that are thinking they are not going to behave [or] they are not going to use alcohol responsibly, they need to think twice because that camera will be rolling wherever they are."


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