Recovered owl returns to Saskatchewan sky

A great horned owl has been recently released after suffering a fractured wing and other injuries this past winter.

A fractured wing wasn't enough to keep this bird land locked

An owl has been released after suffering injury back in February, and it wasn't alone. A second owl was released after a long recovery following being hit by a car. 0:15

A great horned owl can fly once more after spending the start of the year land locked. 

Cale, the owl, went through a long recovery after suffering injury in February. He was nicknamed after the SaskTel employee who rescued the hurt bird. 

SaskTel employee Cale released a great horned owl into the wild. He discovered the injured bird in February. (Salthaven West/Facebook)

Cale, the person, was on the job when he noticed something was wrong with the owl. It was acting peculiar as it tried to climb a tree with its feet rather than using its wings.

He connected the bird with the Regina Salthaven West Wildlife Centre in Regina. Cale, the owl, was taken to the Animal Clinic of Regina.

An X-ray determined he had a head injury and a fractured wing.

Now, a few months later the owl spreads his wings. 

"This is why we do this. It's a great feeling to see the birds fly away," said Megan Lawrence, director of operations at Salthaven West. 

Cale, the owl, has since recovered after his wing was fractured. (Salthaven West/Facebook)

Just a few weeks ago, another rescued owl also took to the sky. Salthaven West released a female great horned owl just weeks prior to Cale's departure.

She was nicknamed Pelletier, and had been hit by a car near Weyburn, Sask., Lawrence said.

A Salthaven West supporter released a female great horned owl just mere weeks before Cale was let go. (Salthaven West/Facebook)

Like Cale, she had also suffered injuries to her head and wing. 

Lawrence said the owls are given nicknames based on where they are found or the person who finds them.