R.I.P. Fat Boy: Sask. says farewell to rotund cat who captured hearts

The Moose Jaw Humane Society, and many animal lovers across Saskatchewan, are mourning the loss of Fat Boy. The feline who loved to eat.

Famous, fat feline dies

Farewell, Fat Boy. (Moose Jaw Humane Society)

"Farewell, Old Friend," reads the first line of Fat Boy's obituary. On January 27, 2016, the big guy died.

For years, the rotund feline called the Moose Jaw Humane Society home and served as the shelter's mascot. 

"He was always a hefty fellow, and because he didn't comfortably fit into any of the standard shelter cages, was given free range around the building while he was looking for his forever home," wrote the shelter in its recent Facebook tribute

A contest organized by the Moose Jaw Humane Society asked Fat Boy lovers to take pictures with the cutout on their vacation. (Moose Jaw Humane Society)

"Time and again, he was passed over for adoption and eventually became an unofficial staff member with important duties; helping to keep the laundry warm, checking treat supplies, and holding down blankets."

The message explains that the cat, who was "surrendered to the shelter for *ahem* over-eating" passed away with his adopted Moose Jaw Humane Society family surrounding him, following a decline in his health.

Fat Boy, you were the best ambassador we could have ever hoped for- Moose Jaw Humane Society

Fat Boy first captured headlines in 2011, as the poster boy for feline health.

When he was brought to the shelter, he weighed a whopping 24 pounds. Like many of us, he liked a snack or two before bed and struggled with yo-yo dieting.

CBC reported on his struggles with over-eating, an affliction that affects many house cats.

Fat Boy, like many felines and humans, struggled with yo-yo dieting. (Moose Jaw Humane Society)

"Eventually staff figured out that Fat Boy had figured out a way to sneak food out of other cats' pens, by flipping over their food bowls and eating the scattered kibble," reads a CBC news article from 2013.

"Once they solved that problem, the weight loss started to take hold. Fans of the big guy have followed his progress on the Humane Society's Facebook page."

Fat Boy passed away in January, 2016. (Moose Jaw Humane Society)

There were following reports chronicling the beloved cat's subsequent success.

"Our Fat Boy, despite the sudden fame, remained humble at heart, and graciously accepted the admiration of his new friends, both at home and abroad," reads the cat's obituary.

"Fat Boy, you were the best ambassador we could have ever hoped for, and your time with us has left some very big foot prints on all of our hearts."


Madeline Kotzer


Madeline Kotzer is an award-winning Saskatchewan journalist and social media news editor/presenter for CBC Saskatchewan and CBC Saskatoon.