Giant icicle must go, Saskatoon fire department says

A three-storey high icicle that's worrying people in a Saskatoon neighbourhood must be gone within 24 hours, the fire department says.

3-storey ice structure ordered removed within 24 hours

Work has begun on removing a giant icicle from the side of an apartment complex, David Shield reports. 1:35
After a few hours of work on Friday the tip of this giant icicle was reduced in size. (CBC)

An icicle that stands three-storeys high and has been worrying people in a Saskatoon neighbourhood must be gone within 24 hours, the  fire department says.

The massive icy slab is attached to the side of an apartment building at 1115 Avenue W North, on the west side of the city.

On Monday, some people who live in another apartment building nearby were expressing concerns it might fall on them.

Fire officials said they met with a contractor who said the icicle was going to be removed, but days went by and that never happened. 

Now, the department has taken the next step, ordering the owner to take it down within 24 hours.

If that doesn't happen, fire crews will do it themselves and the owner will get the bill.

It's expected the icicle will be gone by the end of the day, the fire department said Friday.

Icicle famous

Since the icicle first came to the public's attention in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's largest city, news reports have circulated around North America.

Various commenters have suggested solutions involving flame throwers, hammers or hot steam.

Finally, in a sign the ice structure has become a full-fledged social media phenomenon, someone has started tweeting from the Twitter account @gianticicle.

One recent  message acknowledged its day in the sun is almost over: "I'll miss you Saskatoon."