Giant 'crystallizer' will be travelling Sask. highways this week

Another giant piece of mine equipment will soon be heading down Saskatchewan highways.

Unit weighs as much as 60 elephants

This crystalizer unit bound for the K+S mine near Bethune, Sask., will be on the highway starting Tuesday. (Government of Saskatchewan)

Another giant piece of mine equipment will soon be heading down Saskatchewan highways.

This time it's a crystallizer unit that's being moved to the K+S potash mine project near Bethune.

It's 11.6 metres (38 feet) high by 10.1 metres wide (33 feet) by 56.7 metres (186 feet) long.

The unit which is coming from JNE Welding of Saskatoon weighs about 330 tonnes, equivalent to about 60 elephants.

The three-day delivery begins early in the morning on Jan. 6.

Here's the route:

  • The unit will leave JNE’s Saskatoon site at 5 a.m. CST, heading north-west on Highway 16. 
  • It will then head south on Grid Road 684,
  • Then west on Township Road 374 (Auction Mart Road),
  • Then it will head south on Range Road 3081.
  • From there it will head west on Highway 7.
  • Then south on Highway 45, spending the night in Swanson. 
  •  On Jan. 7, the crystallizer continues south on Highway 45 before heading east on Highway 15.
  • The crystallizer next travels around the south side of Outlook on a grid road before continuing on Highway 15.
  • Next, it will head south on Highway 11 before spending the night in Davidson. 
  • Finally, on Jan. 8, the unit will take its final journey from Davidson to the K+S site via Highway 11. 

Drivers can expect slower traffic during the move, the government says.

Last November, a gigantic evaporator unit made a similar trek from Saskatoon to the mine site.

Looking a bit like a piece of an Apollo rocket, a Babcock and Wilcox evaporator began its road trip last November. It was moved from Melville to a mine site near Bethune. (Babcock and Wilcox)


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