Geoff Leo

Senior Investigative Journalist

Geoff Leo has been a reporter for CBC News in Saskatchewan since 2001. His work as an investigative journalist and documentary producer has earned numerous national and regional awards.

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Health Canada issues recall of some KN95 masks made in China

Health Canada has issued a recall of KN95 respirators manufactured by dozens of Chinese companies because they “pose a health and safety risk to end users.”

Depleted national stockpile leaves Canada reliant on China for masks, gowns and other supplies during pandemic

More than two months into the coronavirus pandemic, federal and provincial governments are still using extraordinary measures to supply health-care workers with personal protective equipment throughout Canada.

'Flat-out incorrect': Scientists debunk Sask. biologist's claims about COVID-19 spread and physical distancing

An associate professor of biology in Saskatchewan has raised the ire of other scientists after he claimed that most people in the province had already contracted the novel coronavirus and recovered from it, rendering the COVID-19 lockdown unnecessary.
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Health minister reviewing management of Canada's emergency stockpile

Health Minister Patty Hajdu says Canada will be reviewing the way it manages its National Emergency Stockpile System following an investigation by CBC News.

'Stop being secretive': Health care workers demand transparency from Sask. government

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is refusing to provide details about its supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), hospital beds and ICU beds. The province also declined to explain what its COVID-19 modelling shows about the possible progression of the virus throughout Saskatchewan.

'This is our war:' Emerald Park couple working with private company to offer medical advice during pandemic

Last Thursday, the family physician from Emerald Park, just outside of Regina, started working for a private virtual walk-in clinic, fielding face-to-face video calls from hundreds of Saskatchewan people desperate for advice and solace in the midst of this pandemic.

Saskatchewan government failed to order key equipment and supplies until after COVID-19 arrived

A review of Premier Scott Moe and his colleagues' actions and statements over the past two weeks raises questions as to whether the provincial government took the threat of COVID-19 seriously enough, soon enough.

Reversal: Sask. Health Authority now says health care workers who've travelled must self-isolate

The Saskatchewan Health Authority says all health care workers and volunteers in the province who returned from international travel on or after March 6 must immediately self-isolate for 14 days. This is a reversal of a policy the SHA was defending just days ago. 

RCMP announces shutdown of Regina training academy in midst of COVID-19 pandemic

The RCMP says that as of Thursday at 4:30 p.m. CST, its training academy in Regina is shut down. This is the facility that trains all RCMP officers in Canada. 

Despite COVID-19 risk, RCMP recruits still doing hand-to-hand combat training at Regina Training Academy

The partner of a staff member at the RCMP Training Academy, located in Regina, is wondering why there's been virtually no change to the training regimen of new recruits — training that includes hand-to-hand combat.

Saskatchewan Medical Association president says he has contracted COVID-19

The president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association, which represents doctors in Saskatchewan, has confirmed that he has contracted COVID-19.

Sask. opposition says province's expense budget is irrelevant because it doesn't address COVID-19

Saskatchewan's provincial opposition says the government's expense budget, released Wednesday, is a complete waste of time given that it doesn't offer plans to address the growing COVID-19 crisis.

Worker at Sask. COVID-19 testing lab cleared for work shortly after international cruise

A health care worker at one of the provincial labs that handles COVID-19 testing is alarmed after learning that a co-worker who returned from an international cruise on Sunday has been cleared to come to work without self-isolating.

No self-isolation for Sask. health care workers recently returning from international travel

A frontline health care worker from Saskatchewan who recently returned from Mexico is speaking out after the Saskatchewan Health Authority announced health care workers are being told to work, even if they've travelled outside of Canada, as long as no symptoms are present.
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Ambulance shortage 'should alarm everyone' as Saskatoon and Regina struggle to keep up with emergency calls

Paramedics in Saskatoon and Regina are having a hard time keeping up with the growing number of emergency calls. Data obtained by CBC shows ambulance services are often taking too long to respond to life-threatening crises.