Game design? Doodling? Makeup? There's a Regina summer camp for that

Finding unique camps for unique kids can be difficult, but this summer there is something in Regina for almost anyone.

Plenty of options to keep Regina kids busy this summer

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is hosting summer camps aimed at teaching children critical thinking. (Michael Bell/The Canadian Press)

Finding unique camps for unique kids can be difficult, but this summer there is something in Regina for almost anyone.

The city is the scene for many youth summer camps that promote creativity and critical thinking.

Here are some of the upcoming opportunities to combat summertime boredness:

Video Game design

Ages 12 to 16 | July 23 to July 27

The Game on! video game design camp is held by SaskInteractive. 

The camp is for teens who are interested in designing and constructing video games.

Campers will work on storyboarding, sketching graphics and creating basic code.

A showcase will be held at the end of the camp where family and friends can play finished projects.

Register here:

Girl power

Ages 8 to 13 | July 23 to 25

Courageous You is set for three days at the Style Academy.

The camp is for girls who want to enhance their beauty inside and out.

Campers will partake in several activities that focus on improving their self-esteem.

Educators will have workshops for makeup, mental health, sewing and many others.

For more information email

Hand-on STEM for girls

Ages 8 to 12 | August 27 to 31

YWCA is holding their first STEM camp for girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math 

The camp will provide hands-on learning experiences.

Topics include coding, robotics and medical equipment.

To register contact Kayla Henry at or (306) 525-2141 ext 127.

Critical thinking for your kids

Ages 9 to 11 | July 16 to 20 and August 13 to 17

The Saskatchewan Science Centre has a plethora of summer programs available for youth. 

Fact or Fiction is for kids who think outside the box.

Educators will help kids debunk common science myths through experiments.

The camp will also improve camper's research skills.

Google apocolypse, an activity planned by organizers, will have campers use scientific methods without access to the internet.

To register go to

Creativity through doodling

Ages 12 to 16 | August 13 to 17

The Regina leisure guide has many activities for kids this summer.

Doodling and Zentangle is for teens who love to doodle and draw.

Zentangle is a therapeutic activity designed to calm restlessness through repetitive drawing.

The camp will give teens an outlet to explore their artistic voice.

Campers will turn their doodles into expressive art.

To register go to and enter activity number 7067