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Meet 10 more 2017 Future 40 winners

This round of CBC Future 40 winners includes a poet, a wrestler, a health advocate and a singer making waves in the Australian country music scene.

CBC Saskatchewan is unveiling this year's winners all week on radio, TV and online

CBC Saskatchewan is unveiling this year's winners all week on radio, TV and online (Submitted to CBC)

This round of CBC Future 40 winners includes a poet, a wrestler, a health advocate and a singer making waves in the Australian country music scene.

From Oct. 23 to 26, CBC Saskatchewan is announcing 10 Future 40 winners each day. With this latest group, a total of 20 winners have been announced so far.

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The winning submissions below were written by nominators. 

Erin MacAulay Davalos

​Age: 32

Category: Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Erin Macaulay Davalos is the founder of Mamas4Mamas. (Submitted to CBC)

Erin Macaulay Davalos is the founder of Mamas4Mamas — a non-profit organization supporting maternal and infant health projects in under-served communities around the world.

Mamas4Mamas is the result of Erin's passion for international development and the bond that exists between women around the world.

Erin is shaping the fabric of our province by representing Saskatchewan women in the field of international development.

Locally, she is a strong supporter of the Saskatchewan music scene.

Initiatives Erin has been involved in over the years include:

  1. World Food Program: Participated in a six-month work-term with CIDA in Mozambique. Created a self-sufficiency initiative focusing on capacity building and income generation within a sustainable development framework. Organized the distribution of food donated by the World Food Program and managed the records of distribution.
  2. Midwifery Scholarships: Erin established the Mamas4Mamas Midwifery Scholarship through a partnership with NEPAD (the organizing arm of the African Union) and Makarere University in Uganda. Mamas4Mamas announced its first scholarship recipient (Grace) in 2016.
  3. Life-saving medication: Erin has partnered with Life for African Mothers to supply the life-saving medication misoprostol to decrease death from severe bleeding and eclampsia.
  4. Front line volunteer: Erin travelled to Honduras where she volunteered for two weeks in a public hospital maternity ward supporting women in labour and birth.
  5. Benefit concerts: Erin supports the Saskatchewan music scene via her benefit concerts. These concerts showcase the best musicians the province has to offer and have included Colter Wall, Megan Nash, and Andino Suns.

Jacqueline Carverhill

​Age: 25

Category: Community, Social Activism and Volunteerism

Jacqueline Carverhill is a third-year medical student at the University of Saskatchewan. (Submitted to CBC)

Jacqueline Carverhill is a third-year medical student at the University of Saskatchewan and contributes actively to advocating for a healthier community in Saskatchewan.

Jacqueline chaired the political advocacy branch of the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan for the past two years. In this role, she led efforts to lobby for better access to medications for those living with HIV in Saskatchewan. She has additionally worked to advocate for a national pharmacare program and improved mental health/addictions support services in response to the opioid crisis.

This year, her advocacy work is focused on partnering with Indigenous communities to address gaps in access to mental health services. Jacqueline co-chairs (2017 and 2018) the Health Innovation & Public Policy Conference (one of the largest student-led conferences on campus), and is a founding member of Students for Upstream, a group dedicated to raising awareness about the social determinants of health and their relevance to public policy.

In addition to her advocacy work, Jacqueline co-founded Grits for Grieving Guys, a five-week cooking class and support group for senior male widowers in Saskatoon.

In recognition of her innovative advocacy work and dedicated service to her community, Jacqueline was awarded an MD Financial National Student Leadership Award. She was also the only medical student in Saskatchewan selected to represent the province as an ambassador at the 2017 Canadian Medical Association General Council. Jacqueline aspires to be a palliative care physician and wants to provide mobile palliative care to homeless and vulnerably housed individuals in Saskatoon.

Zondra Roy

​Age: 28

Category: Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Zondra Roy is an award-winning spoken word poet, community-based educator, filmmaker, and author based out of Saskatoon. (Submitted to CBC)

Zoey Roy, a Cree-Dene Métis woman from Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, has created an amazing life filled with art, love, and education. While Zoey's humble beginnings include leaving home at 13 and being incarcerated at 15, she is now an award-winning spoken word poet, community-based educator, filmmaker, and author based out of Saskatoon.

One of her greatest strengths has been finding the nuances that bring community together. She is a community engagement consultant for Three Things Consulting, a teaching musician for the National Art's Centres Music Alive Program and a film writer and producer with Soul Datta Productions.

Zoey is a widely celebrated speaker and artist. In 2017 alone, Zoey has spoke at We Day for an audience of 16,000 and toured from coast to coast with the National Youth Orchestra performing in some of Canada's most prestigious venues.

In 2015, Zoey published her first book, homecoming, a poetic memoir of a girl searching for a home and finds it within. In 2017, she released Voyageurs, a story of Canada's first travellers who fell in love with Indigenous women.

Zoey recently graduated with a bachelors of education from SUNTEP at the University of Saskatchewan and is currently pursuing a masters from the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, where she's focused on the topic of discretion of judges in relation to the Safe Streets and Communities Act. As Zoey continues on her journey, it will undoubtedly be with art, love and education.

Jordan McFarlen

​Age: 30

Category: Teaching and Healthcare

Jordan McFarlen has been teaching at Campbell Collegiate High School in Regina since 2010. (Submitted to CBC)

Jordan has been teaching at Campbell Collegiate High School in Regina since 2010.

He has grown the business education program from 160 students to over 500 in 2017. He teaches classes such as personal finance, and business and social technology. His emphasis is on youth entrepreneurship, financial literacy and career education.

Jordan builds strong connections between the students, business educators, alumni of the Campbell program and the Saskatchewan business community. He serves on executive member of Saskatchewan Business Teachers' Association and is the co-founder of Big Idea Camp (an incubator-style entrepreneurship camp for Regina youth).

Jordan is a "leader, a builder and a change-maker" in his commitment to real-world business education. He is creating the "Future 40s" of Saskatchewan.

Robert Laprairie

Robert Laprairie is a prof and research chair at the U of S. (Submitted to CBC)
Age: 29

Category: Science and Technology

Dr. Robert Laprairie has lived in Halifax and Florida to study and become a leading expert in his field of pharmacology, specifically cannabinoids.

He is a father of three great boys, has a strong and steady wife, and is active in the community. He is back in his hometown of Saskatoon, where he is a young investigator, professor and research chair at the U of S.

Amy Nelson

​Age: 33

Category: Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Amy Nelson is currently making a splash down under with her debut single going Top 10 on Australian Country Radio. (Submitted to CBC)

Amy Nelson waves the Saskatchewan flag on stages around the world. This Regina-based recording artist is currently making a splash down under with her debut single going Top 10 on Australian Country Radio.

Amy has performed internationally in the U.S., Mexico, Thailand and the UK, with notable events such as AmericanaFest (Nashville), the Tamworth Country Music Festival (Australia's largest music festival) and the Canada Day celebrations at Trafalgar Square (London).

Amy was the 2016 Canadian Country Music Association's Spotlight Performance contest winner and has performed hundreds of shows across Canada at events, such as the Calgary Stampede and the Craven Country Jamboree.

Amy is also an educator and an entrepreneur. In 2016, she founded Sing Like A Star, which teaches singing lessons to kids using popular music. This program has helped more than 1,000 students in five communities throughout Saskatchewan to grow their confidence in a positive, inclusive environment. Amy is most proud of her company's work with outside organizations, such as Creative Kids, the Regina Police Service and private donors, allowing for low-cost lessons and the inclusion of many students with financial barriers.

Amy is also in her sixth year on the board of SaskMusic. In her latest entrepreneurial endeavour, Amy has combined her love of music and travel to create Export Entertainment: a company focused on creating international exchange opportunities for artists. Her first project was to bring a top Australian country artist to Country Music Week in Saskatoon this September. Next will be bringing a Canadian band on tour with her to Australia in January.

Andre Bear

​Age: 22

Category: Leadership

Andre Bear is the youth representative of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan. (Submitted to CBC)

Andre Bear is one of the youngest and most successful leaders in our community. He is the youth representative of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan. He was previously the co-chair of the Assembly of First Nations National Youth Council (2016) and is now an executive member, representing First Nations youth Canada-wide.

He does all of this while he commits to a positive and healthy lifestyle and continues to complete his bachelor of education degree at the University of Saskatchewan.

He is only 22 years old and has already met the royal family of Britain twice, where he has advocated for the treaty relationship to be honoured and implemented by the Crown.

Andre is the only First Nations youth in the history of Canada to advise the federal government on the implementation of TRC Calls to Action, and is one of the youngest Canadians to advise the federal government — period.

He is proud of his culture and language, and supports his mother and two nephews while trying to make a difference for First Nations peoples in Canada.

Alykhan Bhanji

​Age: 28

Category: Community, Social Activism and Volunteerism

Alykhan Bhanji works with a number of institutions in Regina. (Submitted to CBC)

Alykhan (Al) Karim Bhanji strives for equality with grace and style. He is a man beyond himself, so humble and unbelievably kind.

Through his many accomplishments and attributes, he can be widely regarded as a global champion for people with disAbilities. He serves numerous institutions that enhance the spirit of inclusion in Regina: Best Buddies (University of Regina), NCBC Book Club facilitator (Inclusion Regina) and co-facilitator Literacy Is Fun (George Bothwell Library). His selfless actions have earned him a spot on the board of directors for two organizations that actively support the hopes and dreams of people with disAbilities: Astonished Inc., and Chip and Dale Homes Inc.

Al is also an astute student, and was awarded the Dr. Jack Boan Medal in Economics and the Dr. Gary Tompkins Award for Distinguished Public Service and Academic Excellence at the University of Regina.

He owns and operates an agricultural company, West Star Agricultural Ltd., all the while being a full-time economics graduate student.

He is a man who wears many hats and has never shied away from generously giving back to the community and taking great care of his fellow man. He faces adversity bravely and spreads love and kindness through his words and through his actions. Recently, he led a classroom rehabilitation and renovation project for a school that has a dedicated unit for individuals living with complex physical disabilities in his native Nairobi, Kenya.

Al deserves to be recognized for his impenetrable moral code and never-ending love.

Kayla Brodner

​Age: 27

Category: Sports and Recreation

Kayla Brodner won silver at the senior national championships in 2017. (Submitted to CBC)

Kayla Brodner is an world-class athlete, competing in the sport of wrestling at the 69-kilogram weight class. She was an accomplished martial artist before taking up wrestling.

Kayla is an inspirational mentor who takes time to develop young athletes and shines as a leader. She sets an example of class, humility and hard work. She is a dedicated teacher, who puts the needs of her students above her own.

Kayla began wrestling at the University of Regina, where she quickly developed and was soon a champion. As a varsity athlete, Kayla balanced athletics, academics and full-time work. Kayla has distinguished herself as an Academic All-Canadian throughout her eligibility. She sets a standard for excellence in everything that she does.

Upon completion of her years of eligibility, Kayla continues to dedicate herself to training and competing even with no athletic scholarship support. Kayla balances full-time work as a teacher, academics (currently pursuing a masters degree in education), with competing (often at personal cost).

Kayla won silver at the senior national championships in 2017. She represented Canada at the 2017 Francophone Games in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, winning silver. She won gold at the SFU international in 2016 as well as gold at the Australian Cup in Canberra in 2015.

Gordon Gerrard

​Age: 39

Category: Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Gordon Gerrard joined the Regina Symphony Orchestra last year. (Submitted to CBC)

The Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) music director Gordon Gerrard is a respected figure in the new generation of Canadian musicians.

Trained first as a pianist and subsequently as a specialist in operatic repertoire, he brings a fresh perspective to the podium. His passion and dedication to producing thrilling musical experiences have endeared him to his fellow musicians and the public alike. Innovation in programming has been a key component to Gordon's leadership and success in his role. Gordon's vision has been to encompass traditional repertoire and then augment this programming to feature emerging Canadian composers and productions, such as the concert opera Candide.

Gordon's regular column in the Leader-Post has proven a highly effective tool to reach a wider audience with his innovative programming. Gordon has been a champion of the RSO's Education and Outreach programs in which he actively participates in concerts and school visits to inspire the youth of the community and to illustrate the value of arts and music.

Recognized for his versatility, Gordon has made his mark as a conductor of symphonic repertoire, operas and ballets across Canada and in Europe. He made his European debut with Puccini's Tosca in Germany and returned this past summer to lead another production in Czech Republic.