Mounties always get their…kitten? Blizzard rescue in Saskatchewan tugs at heartstrings

Weyburn RCMP got a cuddly surprise when they discovered a kitten on a barren, frozen stretch of Highway 39 during this week's blizzard.

RCMP were patrolling highways when they nearly hit what they thought was a block of ice

Cpl. Sean Chiddenton with Weyburn RCMP visits the kitten he rescued with Const. Ryan Oram. (Prairie Animal Health Centre/Facebook)

Two Weyburn, Sask. RCMP officers have shared a dramatic and harrowing story of an animal rescue that occurred on Highway 39 Tuesday.

The two officers, Cpl. Sean Chiddenton and Const. Ryan Oram, were patrolling when Cpl. Chiddenton saw what he thought was a block of ice on the road — but soon discovered was an animal.

Swerving at the last second, Cpl. Chiddenton's cruiser missed the object. Const. Oram, presumably driving behind, did not swerve but managed to avoid the object. 

Const. Oram backed up to see what the object was when it began walking toward him. 

The snow-covered object was identified as a small, fluffy orange kitten.

The kitten was discovered, caked in snow, on Highway 39 by Weyburn RCMP. (

The officers believe the furry feline had been taking shelter under or inside a vehicle before finding its way out on to the road and being exposed to the elements.

"It was barely moving at that point but it was just meowing away non-stop," said Cpl. Chiddenton.

Const. Oram took the cat to a vet for treatment. Cpl. Chiddenton checked in on the cuddly creature later on to find it alive, well and meowing once again. The five-month-old kitten is now named Ambrose.

"We were happy to hear that the cat actually made it. Everyone was in love with it."