Frigid temperatures sweep across Sask.

With the wind-chill, Tuesday's temperatures are some of the coldest this year.

It's cold outside

11 years ago
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The return of cold weather is tough on people who have to be outside, Dan Kerslake reports.

Saskatchewan is starting to experience the kind of January people are used to: frigid temperatures and bone-chilling winds.

With the wind chill, Tuesday's temperatures are some of the coldest this year.

According to Environment Canada in Regina it's –29 C, which feels more like –38 C with the wind. In Saskatoon it's even colder at –34 C, feeling like –39 C with the wind and further north in Prince Albert it's –34 C with the wind bringing it down to minus 40 C.

But after weeks of above normal temperatures, some people are having a hard time adjusting. The cold has led to some vehicle problems for Regina's Jolene Hanowski.

"Last night my truck started, I stopped to get groceries and it wouldn't start again," said Hanowski. "I'm not even driving my own vehicle right now. It's my sister in law's. She's in Mexico."

Saskatoon school divisions have cancelled buses Tuesday because of the extreme wind chill, and WestJet said cold weather is causing delays and cancellations as well.

But Janice Pettigrew, who walks 12 blocks to work in Regina every day, says people just have to deal with it.

"Oh I've got an extra hat on," said Pettigrew. "An extra sweater, ski pants, gloves and three pair of socks."

MD Ambulance in Saskatoon says there's good reason to bundle up — it's warning people that in these temperatures, exposed skin can freeze in minutes.

Paramedics are also advising parents to watch their children if they are going outside, to make sure they are dressed in layers and coming indoors at regular intervals to avoid frostbite.

They are also reminding people to make sure their cars are equipped with emergency kits and blankets in case they become stranded on the highway.