Footage released shows Regina police officer kicking homeless man

A judge has released security camera footage that appears to show Regina police officer Rob Power kicking a homeless man.

Judge released security camera video used as evidence in trial of Constable Rob Power

Security camera footage in Rob Power trial

9 years ago
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Featured VideoSecurity camera footage in Rob Power trial

A judge has released video evidence used in the trial of a Regina police officer. 

The security tape appears to show Constable Rob Power kicking a homeless man outside a detox centre. The homeless man is knocked onto the ground and then arrested.

Security footage used as evidence in the trial of Rob Power appears to show the Regina police officer kicking a homeless man. (CBC)

Power was charged with assault in 2012 and convicted, but that decision was overturned in November 2014.

The Crown is now appealing his acquittal. 

Power is back on the Regina police force as a patrol officer. 

The police chief originally dismissed Power.

However, Power appealed the decision and was re-instated in December 2014.