Fire crews scramble after flurry of false alarms

Firefighters were attending to false alarms all over Regina on Friday morning , but the cause is a mystery.

Firefighters were attending to false alarms all over Regina early Friday morning — and a power bump apparently had something to do with it.

Starting just after 5 a.m. CST and for the next half hour, crews were dispatched to 13 locations in every corner of the city.

Ten trucks were dispatched to warehouses, apartment buildings, hotels, construction sites, malls, a school and one financial institution.

"This is highly unusual," said Deputy Chief Gerard Kay. "Most of our trucks go out in groups together. These were all going out as individual trucks, which really puts a strain on our system."

"We just have to evaluate every call and make sure that we're not depleting our resources to the point where we can't protect the city," Kay added.

Fire officials said it appears a power bump caused problems at the city's north pumping station. That in turn may have caused a drop in water pressure that affected sprinkler systems, triggering the alarms.

As far as what caused the power bump, that's still a mystery, although there were heavy winds all over Saskatchewan Friday morning, with gusts exceeding 50 kilometres an hour.

INTERACTIVE MAP: False alarms streaming in from across Regina